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Filters, We Don’t Need No Stinking Filters

Dirt and sediment in the water can lead to an undesirable taste in the ice produced by your ice machine.  Hard and unfiltered water have a multitude of minerals that can positively and negatively influence the taste of ice. These additional minerals also build up in your ice machine leading to scale and bacterial growth, and also create unsanitary conditions.
An ice machine with scale build up has to use additional energy and run longer periods to produce the ice that it made prior. As the production efficiency decreases, an increase in the occurrence of failure occurs. A failed compressor is a timely and costly repair that takes the machine offline, as well as taking time away from the person maintaining the equipment. The increase in the electric bill and then the repair adds up to a large cost associated with not using filtration on your ice machine. It is true that an ice machine does not need a water filter to do its job. It will still make ice and can have a great taste depending on the water source. If, however, you don’t have great water but still want to enjoy crystal clear ice and a machine that won’t be out for repairs, the proper filtration can solve that problem. The best filter that money can buy is the Everpure i2000 (EV9612-22). It offers submicron level filtration to capture viruses and bacteria that may be in your water. The carbon helps to clear up any off taste and leave you with great tasting water to make your ice. The addition of scale inhibitor provides the necessary protection against scale buildup without adversely affecting taste. If you are noticing cloudy ice or a bad smell coming from your ice, try utilizing a water filter into the maintenance of your machine and see the benefits. For more info, call us at 800-942-7873 or ask us a question below.

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What is a 7SO Softening Cartridge?

This pretty cool piece of equipment is used for food service and commercial applications. It can give you delicious specialty coffee, wonderfully strong espresso or refreshing, crisp ice tea. This cartridge reduces minerals like calcium and magnesium which cause hard water. It’s like having a mini water softener under your sink. This is ideal for hard water at a flow rate as high as 1/2 gallon per minute. The ion exchange technology is a carbon and resin blend. The cartridge has a psi range of 10-125, as well as, a temperature range of 35 to 100 degrees. The 2,000 grain capacity is ideal for high mineral content and low volume application. What is the proper way to use the 7SO (EV9607-04)? Usually it is a 2 stage setup. The first stage would be a MC2 (EV9612-56) filter. This reduces the chlorine, sediment, taste and odor. The precoat sub-micron technology reduces the dirt and particles as small as 1/2 micron. The 2nd stage is the 7SO, which reduces the hardness. Best operating procedure is to change the cartridge every 6 months just like most other filters. To determine cartridge life, divide total capacity of cartridge by the hardness in grains per gallon (gpg). So for example, 2,000 grains for the 7SO divided by 15 grains of hardness, you would exhaust this cartridge after running approximately 133 gallons of water through it. You can also change when hardness of treated water increases to more than 3 grains per gallon. Do not exceed recommended flow rate which is 0.5 gallons per minute. Don’t forget to flush the cartridge when you install it or change one out. You do this by running water through it for five minutes at full flow. This should be done no matter what filters you are using. The other great thing about this cartridge is that it fits all existing Everpure heads. No electrical connection is required. So if you have hard water in your foodservice location and want great tasting espresso we would recommend the 7SO. For more information on how we can help you on this system or others like it please call us at 800-942-7873.

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Why is NSF Certification Important?

Why is NSF certification on your water filters so important? Especially if the filtration I am looking at has the same components and uses the same micron level as the filtration with the NSF certification on it. The reason why it is important is because it provides assurance that a certified product, material, component or service complies with the technical requirements of the referenced standard.

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NSF Standard 42 covers Point of Use (POU) and Point of Entry (POE) systems designed to reduce specific aesthetic or non-health-related contaminants (such as chlorine, taste and odor, and particulates) that may be present in public or private drinking water. Class assignment for particulate reduction assigns ratings from Class VI, removing particulates ranging 50 micron to Class I, removing contaminants to ½ micron.  Water filtration systems in healthcare locations are recommended to utilize NSF 53 rated systems as they are rated for health concerns. NSF Standard 53 addresses POU and POE systems designed to reduce specific health-related contaminants that may be present in public or private drinking water. Everpure systems come in both NSF 42 and 53 certifications and the ratings can be utilized to determine the correct application dependent on the requirements for the water.  At Filter Pure, we aim to provide the highest quality water for all applications, whether it is regarding taste or health concerns. One of the most widely utilized filters for POU protection in a hospital is the Everpure i2000, EV961222.  The i2000 is rated NSF 53 providing filtration and bacterial protection for the water entering ice machines. This helps to eliminate contamination growth at a central location point in hospitals. The ice from these machines can be used for drinking, injuries, or various other applications used by patients and staff.  By reducing the likelihood of having exposure to contamination, you are providing a greater level of security for the protection of your facility. An additional concern for water protection is the ingredient water being used for drinks and food production in your facility.  Everpure filters are known in the restaurant industry as the filter to use when you want the best water and a guarantee of the quality you will receive.  We recommend the MC2, EV961256 as a great starting point for finding a water filtration solution for your foodservice needs.  The MC2 is rated NSF 53 with a Class I rating for ½-micron particulate reduction.  This gives your facility great tasting and healthy water that you can serve while again providing that extra level of protection for staff and patients. NSF Standards allow the user an objective way to compare water filtration systems. The first thing to consider before selecting a water filtration system is what are your water quality needs and will this system meet those needs.  In some cases, information about the quality of water coming into the facility will be required and that is when a water test is utilized to isolate variables that may be causing a problem in your water supply.  Filter capacity and flow rates are taken into consideration during sizing as well, since over-sized filters will incur increased cost and under-sizing the filter will reduce the life of equipment causing additional problems from poor performance.  For more information on system sizing or the filtration in use at your facility give us a call at 1-800-942-7873 and we will be glad to review your equipment to ensure you are getting the appropriate level of filtration for your facility.

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The Unfiltered Truth

The truth is, Filter Pure and Pentair/Everpure have filtration solutions that give you more than just great-tasting water. Our filtration systems also extend the life of your water-using equipment. We can show you how custom-configured filtration can add years of service to those expensive foodservice systems. Equipment damage is just one of the unfiltered truths that is costing you money. Your combi-oven or ice machine might look nice and shiny and well kept on the outside, but take a look inside. You might be surprised at what you find. For instance:   • Limescale – this winter wonderland of calcium will buildup on heating elements and boilers, slowly choking the life of your combi-oven.

• Corrosion – water contaminants show no mercy when they attack metal, nylon and rubber components. Kiss your shiny ice machine goodbye.

• Particulates – these little soldier of sediment and debris might be small, but when they join forces their only mission is to clog system lines and tubing. 

The taste and quality of your water is important to us, but we know the damage that unfiltered (or poorly filtered) water can cause on your water-using equipment. Don’t let limescale, corrosion, or particulates break you down. Let us break THEM down with our water filtration systems. Let us know how we can help. Call us at 800-942-7873.

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How To Stop Slime!

Is slime taking over your ice machines? Don’t worry, slime contamination can be solved with the correct water filtration system. In a hospital, various environmental factors affect the ice. The problem with slime originates from filtration removing the disinfectant from the supply water to the ice machine.  By removing chlorine and chloramines, contamination can occur in the ice bins and nasty bacteria can multiply, leaving you with SLIME! To address this problem, Everpure has developed the 7SI cartridge. Everpure’s 7SI cartridge (EV9606-01) allows chlorine or chloramines through to help fight slime. 

7SI Cartridge

  • Specializes in slime and bacteria growth prevention
  • Reduces particulates down to 0.5 micron
  • Utilizes depth filtration and Fiberdyne™ media for superior dirt holding capability
  • Leaves chlorine and chloramines within water that is supplied to equipment which helps to reduce slime and bacteria growth in applications
  • Reduces system maintenance, service costs and buildup. Scale, slime, and bacteria growth can result in clogging of distribution lines, malfunction of probes, floats, pumps, solenoids and valves, and higher energy consumption
  • Sanitary cartridge replacement is simple, quick and clean. Internal filter parts are never exposed to handling or contamination
  • Can be used on Insurice® and Hybrid Manifold Systems
  • NSF® Certified under NSF / ANSI Standards 42 and 53


  • Cyst Reduction
  • Particulate Reduction
  • Capacity: 25,000 gallons (94,635 liters)
  • Maximum Flow: 3.5 gpm (13.25 lpm)
  • Qty. per Case: 0
  • Working Pressure: 10 – 125 psi (0.7 – 8.6 bar), non-shock
  • Max. Temp: 35 – 100ºF (2 – 38ºC)
  • H: 20.75″ D: 3.25″ Certifications: NSF42 NSF53

The 7SI cartridge is Everpure’s response to the ever-changing demands in the water filtration industry.  By keeping the disinfectant properties of chlorine in the water supply, we have removed the problem of slime without requiring additional costly equipment. If you are dealing with slime in your ice machines or another problem that just cannot be solved, contact us! We’ll help you find a solution. Call us at 800-942-7873.

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Making Better Water For Your Hotel Guest

Hotel water supplies are concerned with every aspect of water quality due to the multiple uses throughout the facility.  Clean sparkling water is expected at the restaurant and bar at all times.  The same expectations are throughout the entire experience at a resort for guests.  A single filtration system will not be able to address all the needs, but at Filter Pure we can guide you to the most effective way to have the best water for your hotel. Below are two of the most common water uses for a hotel that influences the customer’s experience. Ice can have a great impact due to its visual presentation and ability to store unpleasant taste and odors if present.  Having foul smelling or cloudy ice is not an option for any operation and correcting the problem is not a difficult process.  The first step in getting clear ice is utilizing an Everpure Insurice system.  Using .5 micron filtration and scale inhibitors you are guaranteed great ice while protecting your equipment.  The carbon filtration clears up any remaining taste and odor contaminants that may be present to give the best ice for your customer. Soda fountains are a large source of water use for hotels that operate a restaurant or banquet area.  Soda requires the same level of filtration to remove taste and odor problems, but also needs to be used without a scale inhibitor.  Scale inhibitor is great for protecting your equipment but inhibits the carbonation.  A system running with the wrong filters can flatten a soda and leave the freshness to be desired.  The best system we have found for soda fountain use is the Coldrink series of filter systems.  These top rated systems and are easy to maintain like all Everpure products. At Filter Pure, we are always glad to help and lend a hand with any water problem you may encounter.  For more information or to request a quotation please contact us at 1-800-942-7873. Sign up for our Newsletter! Ask us a question here!

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Commercial Ice Machine Filtration for Healthcare Facilities

Ice serves a variety of purposes in the Healthcare industry including dietary needs, operative procedures, and treatment of inflammation.  The availability of clean ice for all of these uses is dependent on the level of filtration in use.  Healthcare facilities use a variety of ice machines but the most common is the nugget based ice machine for its ability to provide all the needs in a hospital. Nugget ice machines are small counter top dispensers located throughout the buildings to provide quick access for staff. But due to the unit’s small size, facilities are having to install the water filtration systems under the counters. This could be a problem in the sense that a traditional ice machine water filter can exceed over 20 inches leaving little room to install and maintain the unit. Well, Everpure has a solution for that. Everpure’s BH2 (EV9612-51) is the filter of choice to fit below the counter and provide enough capacity to keep up with the demand of the counter top ice machines. The full height of the BH2 filter and manifold would be 16 inches leaving plenty of room for the installation and filter change. The filter is rated NSF 53, providing mechanical filtration to .5 micron and protection from bacterial contaminants.  Scale inhibitor provides protection to your ice machines to keep them running efficiently for years to come. As much as we would like a single application filter to work for everybody, the needs and demands of customers change requiring different types of filtration.  The BH2 is a great filter that has proven to work in a rigorous environment with high demand.  Should you need to discuss other applications or your current filtration, please feel free to contact our Health Care & Lodging Specialist, Todd Leach.