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Filters, We Don’t Need No Stinking Filters

Dirt and sediment in the water can lead to an undesirable taste in the ice produced by your ice machine.  Hard and unfiltered water have a multitude of minerals that can positively and negatively influence the taste of ice. These additional minerals also build up in your ice machine leading to scale and bacterial growth, and also create unsanitary conditions.
An ice machine with scale build up has to use additional energy and run longer periods to produce the ice that it made prior. As the production efficiency decreases, an increase in the occurrence of failure occurs. A failed compressor is a timely and costly repair that takes the machine offline, as well as taking time away from the person maintaining the equipment. The increase in the electric bill and then the repair adds up to a large cost associated with not using filtration on your ice machine. It is true that an ice machine does not need a water filter to do its job. It will still make ice and can have a great taste depending on the water source. If, however, you don’t have great water but still want to enjoy crystal clear ice and a machine that won’t be out for repairs, the proper filtration can solve that problem. The best filter that money can buy is the Everpure i2000 (EV9612-22). It offers submicron level filtration to capture viruses and bacteria that may be in your water. The carbon helps to clear up any off taste and leave you with great tasting water to make your ice. The addition of scale inhibitor provides the necessary protection against scale buildup without adversely affecting taste. If you are noticing cloudy ice or a bad smell coming from your ice, try utilizing a water filter into the maintenance of your machine and see the benefits. For more info, call us at 800-942-7873 or ask us a question below.

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