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Beat the Everpure 2017 Price Increase!

Guaranteed price savings if you place your order on or before December 15, 2016.

Listed below are the confirmed percentage increases in pricing for Pentair products for 2017.

Price changes take effect Deccember 15, 2016 and are determined by product category:

We are also moving to a single catalog in 2017 for Foodservice and Office Coffee & Water segments.

The following price changes take effect December 15, 2016:

Product Category                                                             2017 List Price Increase

Everpure filtration systems                                                                3.5%

Everpure heads and manifolds                                                          3.5%

Everpure and value-line filter cartridges                                          3.5%

Everpure water softener systems                                                      3.5%

Shurflo water boost systems                                                              3.5%

Pentek housings and filter cartridges                                              3.5%

Service parts                                                                                          5.0%

 Click here to download a PDF of the new 2017 list pricing by SKU for your reference.

Current 2016 pricing will be guaranteed up to December 15, 2016. Please call us directly with any questions at 800-942-7873 or email us at

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Congratulations to our own Vince Paglino and FAU’sTeam Spirit Squad!

Last Saturday October 29, 2016 at FAU Stadium in Boca Raton Filter Pure’s own Vince Paglino and Team Spirit squad won the 2016 FAU Tailgate Championship.  A dedicated and huge FAU OWL fan and Spirit Dad, Vince spent months building the Team Spirit Squad booth in his spare time! Congratulations Vince and Team Spirit Squad!


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Pentair’s 2017 price lists and Industrial Catalog are now available!


Click here to view the 2017 Filtration Price List.The PDF price lists are interactive; you can click on a section in the table of contents and the PDF will immediately bring you to that page for easy viewing.


Click here to view the 2017 Pentair Industrial Catalog. The PDF price lists are interactive; you can click on a section in the table of contents and the PDF will immediately bring you to that page for easy viewing.

For more information please email us at or call us directly at  1-800-942-7873.

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Claris Ultra as seen in August 2016 Coffee Talk Magazine!


The Claris Ultra Family !



As recently seen in Coffee Talk Managazine,  The Claris Ultra is the world’s first filter cartridge to combine mineral reduction and corrosion protection within one compact unit. As a result, Claris Ultra delivers the very best quality water for hot drinks and ice machines while also preventing scale formation in machines and inhibiting corrosion of materials across the widest range of water hardness levels.

This breakthrough is achieved by using new patent pending water conditioning technology; in effect a highly engineered water conditioning system that uses the synergetic effect of mineral adaptation and mineral stabilization, all within one compact filter package. The result is optimum water mineral extraction, ie retaining the necessary minerals for a pleasant flavor and proper extraction of the coffee bean and grind, while minimizing the minerals that lead to limescale. Similarly, in ice production, Claris Ultra eliminates those minerals that cause cloudy and soft ice and lead to scaled ice machines, low energy efficiency and scale amplified bio-film formation.

Everpure’s Claris Ultra filter range has successfully addressed the challenge of finding the right balance between protecting an operation’s investment and capturing the desired quality of brewed coffee, espresso, other hot drinks and ice cubes. The Claris Ultra filters use the same head as the existing Claris cartridge range.

Claris Ultra Filter Cartridges features

• First cartridge to effectively combine lime scale and corrosion protection

• More capacity / lower costs for hot drinks and ice cube machines

• Inhibits metal migration from machine parts

• Safeguarding /enhancing energy efficiency of food service equipment

• Small foot print and low space requirement

• Cartridge family with widest capacity range (one head fits all)

For more questions regarding the Claris Ultra please call us at 800-942-7873 , email us at

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The 2016 Holiday Coffee Season is here!

From Pumpkin Spice to Salted Caramel, Cinnamon and Chocolate Autumn flavors are back on the menu just in time for Halloween.  Starbucks is celebrating the 13thyear of the introduction of the now world famous “PSL” Pumpkin Spiced latte with the introduction of its’ new Chile Mocha, bringing a little heat to the fall spice mix. Dunkin Doughnuts Salted Caramel and Pumpkin flavors are already back on the menu and not to be outdone Caribou Coffee introduced a Creme Brulee Boudino latte inspired by the Italian dessert. The coffee chain also introduced a new Pumpkin Pie Latte for the season.








These hot seasonal espresso beverages have proven to increase sales and have succeeded for all of these chains and a lot of independent operators too by drawing in customers early and often during the holiday season. People don’t want to miss out on limited time seasonal offers and for a lot of us these drinks are now part of our memories of enjoying and celebrating the holiday season and they all have one major ingredient in common, water! Ever had a bad espresso experience? Espresso is 85-96% water and that water is extremely important to delivering not only a great shot of espresso but not damaging a very expensive espresso machine. Chlorine can alter the aroma and increases acidity. It also bonds with organics creating an earthy or moldy overtone to the flavor. TDS, (total dissolved solids), can cause poor extraction of the grounds, under extraction leads to weak and sour drinks and over extraction leads to bitterness so taking care to treat coffee and espresso beverage water is extremely important.  Regardless of which one is your favorite, operators know and work diligently to make sure that all of these beverages begin with a great shot of espresso.  Everpure continues to lead the Industry in taking care of coffee and espresso water quality by working directly with Specialty Coffee Operators and Espresso Equipment Manufactures. From the ESO and Claris cartridge systems delivering filtered softened water through salt less ion exchange to the blended reverse osmosis line of MRS, Mineral Reduction Systems, we have a solution to turn  the water operators are dealing with into the engineered water they need to deliver the espresso beverage that meets their specifications. For espresso, that means a softer water that also protects the equipment from both hard water scale and chloride, For example the, La Marzocco GB/5 Commercial Espresso Machine manual notes;


For an operator the place to begin is with a POE, point of entry standard Everpure water test, DEV7013-73. This test includes the water bottle and lab analysis of 30 contaminants and characteristics. The test usually takes from 7 to 10 days to analyze at the laboratory located in Chicago and the following is a sample of the delivered analysis;


This water would be way out of specification for the Marzocco with hardness of 257 ppm and chlorides of over 308.8ppm the recommendation would be an Everpure MRS Blended reverse osmosis system to actually take the mineral and chloride out of the water and deliver water with the correct specification of both hardness between 90ppm and 150ppm and chlorides of less than 50ppm. The size of the MRS unit is determined according to the amount of beverage water that will be needed at peak operating time within the facility. For example the MRS600HEII will make 600 gallons of water every 24 hours or 25 gph, (gallons per hour). The MRS350Bl will make 350 gallons every 24 hours or 14.58 gph, (gallons per hour). Not to worry though just call us and we will take care of sizing the equipment you need for your equipment.

Everpure Espresso Solutions;

The ESO7, EV9607-25 (ESO stands for Espresso, the 7 just means the size of the filter cartridge) is a three-in-one system providing filtration, scale prevention and buffering/softening of  the water. The water retains enough mineral to bring out the espresso flavors. The ESO7 will take care of up to 5,300 grains of hardness or at 8 grains of hardness will generate 511 gallons of espresso before it will need to be changed.

The Claris XXL, EV4339-14, unit will give you the same great 3 in 1 filter but also give you the ability to generate 2,910 gallons of espresso, ( at 10 grains of hardness) but also has an adjustable DUOBLEND™ bypass valve that allows for a more precise adjustment of carbonate hardness. Either system is quick to install, easy to handle and fast to service.

The Claris Prime EV4339-86  Features a 6-stage filtration process, protects equipment from scale and mineral-induced corrosion in areas with high TDS, chloride (Cl-) and sulphate (SO4) content in the feed water.

Everpure has developed an entire series of Blended MRS, Mineral Reduction System Reverse Osmosis units. From the MRS20, (20 stands for 20 gallons made per day), EV9797-, up to the MRS600HEII, (600 gallons made per day), EV9970-54. One of the most popular for the coffee and espresso application is the EV99-17. Note that all of these solutions require a storage tank.

These systems can be sized to fit one piece of equipment or all of the coffee, espresso, beverage, that you are using to insure that the water you are using will protect your equipment from whatever changes occur within your water supply and provide the perfect water and ice for your beverages. Not sure of what you need to do to take care of  your water? Give us a call at 800-942-7873 or email us at

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What about your water and water filtration system after Hurricane Matthew?

Provided the water in your area does not fall under a “Do not use”, boil water alert, your filter system and filters unless damaged by the storm should be fine. If your area does fall under a boil water alert you should change all filters and membranes installing new, unused filters or membrane cartridges after you have completely sanitized your system. Boil water alerts are often issued by water municipalities when damage occurs to water lines.  These alerts can also be issued if there is a loss in water pressure, allowing bacteria to backwash into the water pipes. Minerals and viruses like E.coli, cryptosporidium, and giardia, are all things that may get into water when a pipe breaks or during a natural disaster, like flooding. Below is Everpure’s Technical Service Bulletin regarding water quality emergencies and the procedures to place your system back into operation after a boil water alert.

Everpure Technical Service Bulletin
File No: 011414
Subject: Responding to Water Quality Emergencies

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes cause contamination of municipal water systems over a large area. Industrial and other chemical leaks can also cause contamination of water supplies. If a water quality emergency occurs in your location, follow your local municipality’s instructions for addressing the emergency. If a boil order is issued, follow that boil order advisory until you have been notified by local authorities that your water is potable and safe to use.
Following is our recommended procedure for cleaning and start-up of Pentair water treatment systems using Pentair filters and RO membranes for commercial foodservice applications.

Obey them, period!
Contamination due to breaks in the mains, general flooding, or damage to the municipal waterworks itself should not be confused with situations in which contamination by protozoan cysts (e.g. Cryptosporidium, Giardia) is discovered in a water supply. Everpure submicron filters and RO membranes are NSF-Certified for removing such cysts, but not for killing or removing dangerous bacteria and viruses, which must be assumed to be present during the aftermath of a disaster, chemical spill or other water emergency.
When a Boil Water Advisory is announced and it is clear that there has been gross contamination, operators should stop using their filtration or RO system and boil their water as advised by their local authorities, until:
1. The “all clear” is given by local water authorities
2. Plumbing systems in your facility have been disinfected
3. Your Pentair system has been cleaned and any old or contaminated filter or RO cartridges have been replaced with new ones

When safe water is available again, all water-using equipment should be sanitized with an approved disinfectant such as diluted chlorine bleach (5.25% sodium hypochlorite). The recommended dosage is 100-200 mg/L chlorine, which is easy to make. Fresh bleach has about 50 mg of chlorine in each mL, or about 500 mg in a capful. Four capfuls or an ounce in a 2-1/2 gal. bucket of water makes about 200 mg/L. Add a few drops of cleaning concentrate (e.g. dish detergent) to this solution and use it to clean external surfaces. Unexposed, interior plumbing surfaces can be sanitized in place using a Pentair Everpure JT Sanitizing/Flushing Cartridge. (Contact your local distributor or sales agent to acquire the JT can). This is an empty housing which can be filled with any cleaning or sanitizing solution and then be inserted into Everpure-branded filter heads. When the flow of water resumes, the disinfectant will be fed into the lines. When a strong chlorine smell is evident at the closest outlet, the flow should be stopped and the sanitizing solution left to soak for at least 30 minutes. When sanitization is complete, remove the flushing cartridge and install new, unused filters or membrane cartridges. Rinse the equipment by flushing water through the system as directed in your system’s Installation and Operation manual. Return your filtration or RO system to service.

Follow the replacement cartridge change-out schedule per your system’s specifications. We suggest that you continue to monitor and follow your local water authority’s post-emergency recommendations. Please note that water problems caused by natural disasters often include high turbidity, even muddy, conditions. As a result, filter cartridges may clog faster and need replacing sooner than usual.

If you have any questions regarding these instructions or require additional assistance please call us at 1-800-942-7873 or email us at

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Worried about your Water?

Between millions of gallons of untreated sewage being dumped into our rivers and bays, boil water alerts and of course the recent disclosure of the Mosaic Company dumping over 200 million gallons of contaminated water into the Floridan aquifer, Floridians are becoming more and more concerned about their drinking water and turning to personal home water treatment systems to insure the quality of the water for their families. One line of  inexpensive and highly recommended systems that can clean up and disinfect alot of water quickly are the PURA UV Big Boy advanced Ultraviolet Water Treatment Systems.


Ultraviolet water sterilization used by PURA is a process by which the threat of microorganisms and other biological contaminants, which are present in municipal water supplies and private sources (like wells), can be effectively nullified through exposure to a specialized ultraviolet bulb.


How does it work?

Sterilization systems which employ ultraviolet radiation operate on a few simple principles. First, a UV source, which is usually as simple as a specialized light bulb, is placed inside a reflective quartz sleeve. This sleeve is placed over a flow chamber which exposes all water passing through the system to a unique, specially determined germicidal wavelength of 254 nanometers. Microorganisms present in the water absorb the “UV-C” radiation, which effectively eradicates their DNA structure, rendering them sterile. Treated water is usually then sent to a standard filtration system before it is deemed safe to drink.

What are the advantages of UV sterilization?

UV sterilization units offer many advantages over other methods of addressing microbiological contaminants in drinking water. Because this method does not make use of chemicals, it does not change the taste or pH of the water. Consequently, treating drinking water with ultraviolet radiation cannot harm plumbing or septic systems. As the systems do not make use of chemicals, the only ongoing cost associated with UV sterilization is energy consumption which is generally low; most units require about the same amount of energy used by a standard 60 watt light bulb. In addition, most UV sterilization units are extremely easy to install and maintain.

The PURA UV Big Boy Series is the most versatile commercial ultraviolet system on the market today. This 15 GPM, ( gallon per minute) to 60 GPM series is manufactured with versatility in mind and is virtually unlimited in the possible filter configurations and manifold sequences.

If you’re thinking of incorporating UV sterilization into your present water purification system or just interested in getting one for your home, call FilterPure Systems, Inc at 1-800-942-7873. Our team members are happy to answer any questions you may have concerning your specific application.

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Sinkhole dumps 200 Million Gallons of Contaminated Water into Florida Aquifer.


A massive sinkhole opened up underneath a storage pond in Florida draining  millions of gallons of acidic water laced with sulfate and sodium from a pool atop a 120-foot gypsum stack at the Mosaic New Wales plant in Mulberry. An unknown amount of gypsum, a fertilizer byproduct phosphoric acid with low levels of radiation, also fell into the sinkhole and  into one of the state’s main underground resources of drinking water.  Not all of it is being caught by pumps.The Floridan aquifer is a major source of drinking water in the state. One of the highest producing aquifers in the world, it underlies all of Florida and extends into southern Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. It’s the principal source of groundwater for much of the state, and the cities of Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Tampa, and St. Petersburg. The aquifer also supplies water to thousands of domestic, industrial and irrigation wells throughout the state. Worried about your drinking water?

When it comes to radiation, reverse osmosis is effective at removing most particles from your water. One great unit that we recommend is the the PURA QCRO4V. This 4 stage quick change reverse osmosis system can be customized to adapt to changing water conditions. The quick change filters feature the innovative PURA twist and lock design, making filter changes and service fast and easy.


  • Choice of a 50 gpd or 75 gpd membrane
  • Standard Lead Free Air Gap Faucet
  • Color coded tubing for easier installation
  • Quick connect fittings and a self piercing feed valve
  • Interchangeable filters allows the system to be customized to your local water conditions
  • Produces high quality water for better tasting coffee, tea, juices, soups, sauces and pasta and clearer ice cubes
  • System includes a sediment pre-filter, carbon block pre-filter, RO membrane and carbon block postfilter


The first stage of filtration is the sediment filter, which reduces suspended particles such as dirt, dust, and rust. The second stage of filtration is the carbon filter. This filter reduces volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), chlorine, and other compounds that might impact the taste or odor of the tap water. Chlorine should be removed from the water before the water enters the membrane. This will help preserve the life of the membrane. The center and third stage of a reverse osmosis system is the semi-permeable (RO) membrane. It is responsible for rejecting up to 98% of the total dissolved solids in the water. For more information about this system call 800-942-7873 or

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See you at the show! Booth 2116.


You’re invited! Please stop by and see us at this year’s Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show at the Orlando county Convention Center. We will be displaying the very latest in commercial water treatment solutions from Pentair Everpure. Including the new Endurance High Flow system for multiple applications. The Endurance is designed to meet your peak water demands with up to a 200,000 gallon capacity delivering 15 gallons per minute with no electricity or drain required.


The Everpure Endurance Quad System (EV9437-32).


  • Up to 757,082 liters (200,000 gallons capacity)
  • 15 gpm
  • One-year cartridge change, including pre-treatment
  • Proprietary Industrial-strength Pre-treatment and Fibredyne II Media fine filters provide substantial dirt holding capacity
  • Two water qualities for hot and cold beverages
  • 0.5 micron
  • NSF 42 and 53

One Endurance Quad has a 200,000 gallon capacity and can take care of all of this equipment requiring one filter change annually, and it only takes up a 2 foot by 3 foot space on the wall. There are multiple sizes to choose from for the Endurance Systems:

For more information on which Endurance System would best fit your water filtration needs, please call us at 800-942-7873 or click the link below to ask a question. Our customer service team is always happy to help and we hope to see you at this year’s Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show at the Orlando county Convention Center.