Whole House Ultrafiltration Systems

“Point of Entry” (POE) water filtration systems filter perform water filtration for the entire water service. In residential applications, these “whole house” filtration systems are responsible for purifying the water supply to all faucets, showerheads, and toilets. The advantage of this approach to water filtration is first that only one system need be purchased for an entire home, and second, that it greatly improves the life of any other filters present down-line. Pentek has met the demand for such a water filtration system with their line of “Freshpoint” Ultrafiltration systems. Each unit is designed to reduce turbidity, particulates (as small as .025 microns in size), and cysts for cleaner, safer drinking water. At Filter Pure Systems, Inc., we value Pentek’s contribution to POE water filtration, and carry a variety of ultafiltration systems and replacement filter cartridges to keep your water clean, safe, and great-tasting.