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Enjoy Commercial Grade Pentair Everpure Water Filtration Everywhere in your home with no Additional Faucet Required!

The Pentair Everpure EF-Series “Full Flow” systems are designed to bring you crisp, clean filtered water at every regular faucet in your home. The highly engineered submicron design rids water of unwanted lead and chemical impurities while maintaining a high capacity. Every EF system is ready to easily install anywhere in your home that you already have a faucet. Plumbed to the cold side it is ready to go under your Kitchen sink, Bathroom sinks, Wet Bar Outdoor Kitchen, pot filler, coffee & espresso machines, ice maker/s….you name it. Built in water shut off makes cartridge change outs easy with just a couple of twists of your wrist the old cartridge is out and the new one is in.

For more information on the EF-Series Full Flow Systems please contact us at 800-942-7873 or email us at

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Worried about elevated levels of Arsenic in your Drinking Water?

According to a recent USGS study, an estimated 4.1 million people in the lower 48 states are potentially exposed to arsenic levels that exceed EPA’s drinking water standards. U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) study showed that drought may lead to elevated levels of naturally occurring arsenic and that the longer a drought lasts the higher the probability of arsenic concentrations exceeding U.S. EPA drinking water standards.  According to researcher estimates, during drought conditions, 4.1 million people in the lower 48 states who use private domestic wells are likely exposed to unsafe levels of arsenic, reported the study. This is an increase of 54% from an estimated 2.7 million people exposed to unhealthy arsenic levels in private wells during non-drought conditions.  “The population potentially exposed to arsenic levels exceeding the EPA standard during simulated drought conditions amounts to roughly one-tenth of the estimated 37.2 to 43.2 million people in the conterminous U.S. who use domestic wells for household water supply,” said Melissa Lombard, a USGS hydrologist and lead author of this study, reported USGS. Regardless of whether you have your own well and could face the exposure to Arsenic that this USGS study is anticipating or if your goal really is just to avoid everything bad in your water coming from your tap, you may want to consider a very affordable reverse osmosis system to put under your sink to take everything out of the water. Reverse osmosis drinking water systems are the number one recommendation for removing a wide variety of these contaminants including arsenic, atrazine, chloroform, Lead, Fluoride and other industrial chemicals. The Pentair Everpure ROM IV (EV929650) system is an NSF/ANSI Standard 58 system rated to reduce contaminants including, Arsenic V, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium III, Chromium VI, Copper, Cysts, (Cryptosporidium and Giardia), Fluoride, Lead, Radium 226/228, Selenium, TDS, ( Total Dissolved Solids), Turbidity, Chorine tastes and odors plus carcinogen byproducts and dissolved minerals and salts. Since 1933, Pentair Everpure has been one of the most trusted global brands in the foodservice industry and those who serve it. Their proven solutions help to protect water at your home and where you work. From premium quality ingredient water for foodservice; fresh, clean, drinking water at home or away; or treated water for the whole home, Pentair Everpure delivers peace of mind and water you can trust.

Everpure ROMIV Reverse Osmosis System | Efilters –

For more information on the ROM IV please call us at 800-942-7873 or email us at

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The New 2021 Pentair Everpure, Shurflo Foodservice Catalog and Price List !

What’s New for 2021?  A number of features have been added or updated to showcase the Pentair foodservice product portfolio!  Some of the key changes and updates include: 

Enhanced overall look and feel
Redesigned, solutions-oriented Everpure-Shurflo Grill with modern imagery (pages 2 – 3)
Rebranded Everpure product labels reflected on all products
Total Water Management program feature (pages 4 – 5) 
Relocated product dimensions, weights and pack sizes to the back index for easier reference
Expanded index including SKU’s offered but not pictured
Highlighted new products with NEW!> callouts
Addition of over 270 product SKU’s and 100 new systems to the Pentair Everpure foodservice product portfolio including:
Over 30 new reverse osmosis systems (pages 57 – 60)
New value FX drop-in filtration systems (pages 75 – 77)
New line of Reverse Osmosis Systems (pages 57 – 60) for espresso/coffee and combi oven/steam applications
New ozone disinfection products (pages 8 – 9)

The Everpure RO product line has been enhanced with over 30 new systems to provide a comprehensive offering that meet the requirements of most foodservice equipment applications. They are complete configurations that include the RO processor, application-based TDS management, storage tank, and repressurization capabilities.
Everpure BWS systems are designed for espresso/coffee, ice, and other applications.  They utilize mineral-addition with a precision blend valve, enabling the end-user to adjust TDS to a desired level. These systems range from 100 to 1500 gallons per day of blended water and offer various sizes of storage tanks from 2 to 300 gallons to meet the needs from point of use to whole store applications.  

Everpure OPS reverse osmosis systems are designed for combi oven/steam applications. They utilize mineral-addition to ensure a specific balance of minerals to help protect customer equipment. These systems range in productions from 70 to 350 gallons per day. These systems also offer various sizes of storage tanks from 2 to 50 gallons to meet the needs from single appliances to large kitchens. Chloramine versions are also available.   
The storage tanks for these new RO systems are either hydropneumatic ranging from 2 to 16-gallon capacities or atmospheric with repressurization pumps for high-capacity, high-flow applications.

 Everpure FX Filtration Systems (pages 75 – 77)
  The Everpure FX product line complements the current Everpure drop-in line with new NSF certified systems and cartridges for one of the most comprehensive offering in this space. This line provides additional value-priced solutions across various food and beverage applications.

Ozone Disinfection Systems (pages 8 – 9)   The Pentair Everpure Ozone Disinfection line includes new products for ice machines, food preparation rinse and an indoor air solution.  Ozone products have been used in the food industry for decades and can play a critical role in combating food pathogens in water and air. Approved by the FDA as an antimicrobial agent, ozone can support efforts to improve the safety, quality, and longevity of foodservice products. 

For more information please call us at 800-942-7873 or email us at
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Spring Kleening? Don’t forget the Scalekleen, the environmentally safe way to delime!

Spring time is just about here and that means it’s time for spring cleaning and Pentair ScaleKleen is the smart, environmentally safe way to delime your water using appliances! Available in a 4 canister (2.2lbs each)case for coffee, steam and warewashing equipment applications,EV9798-35!

Everpure ScaleKleen EV9798-35 Scale Reduction Canisters - Filter Pure
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Yes, we now carry Optipure!

New Pentair Everpure Food Service Products 2021 List Pricing by item Number, Effective date January 1, 2021

Parrt NumberDescription 2021 List Price Each 
160-00350SX2-21 $                          427.45
160-50142SX2-22 $                          715.85
160-50010FX-11 $                          234.84
160-50020FX-12 $                          289.43
160-50345FXAF01-12B $                          485.13
160-50340FXAF-12B $                          485.13
160-50025FX-22 $                          528.00
160-50030FX-22P $                          721.00
160-50035FX-22P+ $                          940.39
160-50055FX-22PCR+ $                      1,970.39
160-50105FXI-11 $                          239.99
160-50110FXI-12 $                          314.15
160-50115FXI-22 $                          523.24
160-50120FXI-22P $                          746.75
160-50055FXI-22P+ $                      1,970.39
160-50012FX11+CR $                          544.87
160-50185FXI11+CR $                          569.59
160-50022FX-12B $                          478.95
160-50015FX-21 $                          406.85
160-50200FX-11E $                          199.00
160-50201FX-21E $                          358.00
160-50202FX-12E $                          236.00
160-50203FX-22E $                          510.00
160-50204FX-22PE $                          615.00
160-50205FX-22P+E $                          810.00
160-50206FX-12BE $                          349.00
252-00210CTO-10 $                            36.00
252-00220CTO-20 $                            52.50
252-00310CTOS-10 $                            55.20
252-00320CTOS-20 $                            80.85
252-10110S5-10 $                            13.20
252-10120S5-20 $                            20.40
252-10410S5-20B $                            78.75
252-10405S1-20B $                            85.05
252-60110SX21RK $                          133.35
252-60205SCLX2-1 $                          105.00
252-60115SX22RK $                          206.85
252-60210SCLX2-2 $                          158.55
252-20420CTO-20B $                          129.60
252-20620CCM-20 $                          116.55
252-20605CCM-20B $                          381.24
252-00810PTS-10 $                            47.25
252-10810PTS-10 (6-Pack) $                            44.10
252-00820PTS-20 $                            70.35
252-10820PTS-20 (6-Pack) $                            68.25
160-52131QTCR-1 $                          423.15
170-52132QTCR-2 $                          775.95
170-52133QTCR-3 $                      1,135.05
170-52134QTCR-4 $                      1,375.50
160-52822QTSX-2PG $                          644.70
170-52080QT1+CR* $                          520.80
170-52081QTI1+CR* $                          529.20
300-05828CTO-Q10 $                          100.80
300-05821CTO-Q10CR $                          118.65
300-05830CTO-Q $                          121.80
300-05833CTO-QCR2 $                          172.20
300-05860SCLX2-Q $                          195.30
204-53040AMS-QT $                          768.60
204-52810AMS-QT10 $                          213.84
204-52820AMS-QT15 $                          504.00
300-05850MA-Q10 $                            97.65
300-05855MA-Q15 $                          114.45
252-70260ILMA-6.14 $                            44.10
300-05831CTO-QCR $                          136.50
300-05832CTOS-QCR $                          150.15
164-01602BWS175/2 $                      2,122.00
164-01605BWS175/5 $                      2,232.00
164-01610BWS175/10 $                      2,370.00
164-01616BWS175/16 $                      2,563.00
164-14366BWS350/16 $                      5,542.00
164-14375BWS350/50 $                      6,097.00
164-14376BWS350/50 HF $                      6,958.00
164-15545BWS1500/50 $                    10,656.00
164-15550BWS1500/50 HF $                    11,768.00
164-15576BWS1500/175 HF PLUS $                    12,469.00
164-15581BWS1500/300 HF PLUS $                    12,931.00
164-00216OP175/16 $                      4,392.00
164-00225OP175/50 $                      5,089.00
164-14416OP350/16 $                      5,101.00
164-14450OP350/50 $                      5,651.00
164-01202OPS70/2 $                      1,433.00
164-01205OPS70/5 $                      1,571.00
164-01502OPS70CR/2 $                      1,736.00
164-01505OPS70CR/5 $                      1,874.00
164-01302OPS175/2 $                      1,874.00
164-01305OPS175/5 $                      2,012.00
164-01310OPS175/10 $                      2,122.00
164-01316OPS175/16 $                      2,342.00
164-01402OPS175CR/2 $                      2,094.00
164-01405OPS175CR/5 $                      2,232.00
164-01410OPS175CR/10 $                      2,342.00
164-01416OPS175CR/16 $                      2,563.00

Call for your price at 800-942-7873 or email us at

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What about your water and water filtration system after Hurricane ETA?

Provided the water in your area does not fall under a “Do not use”, boil water alert, your filter system and filters unless damaged by the storm should be fine. If your area does fall under a boil water alert you should change all filters and membranes installing new, unused filters or membrane cartridges after you have completely sanitized your system. Boil water alerts are often issued by water municipalities when damage occurs to water lines.  These alerts can also be issued if there is a loss in water pressure, allowing bacteria to backwash into the water pipes. Minerals and viruses like E.coli, cryptosporidium, and giardia, are all things that may get into water when a pipe breaks or during a natural disaster, like flooding. Below is Everpure’s Technical Service Bulletin regarding water quality emergencies and the procedures to place your system back into operation after a boil water alert.
Everpure Technical Service Bulletin
File No: 011414
Subject: Responding to Water Quality Emergencies
Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes cause contamination of municipal water systems over a large area. Industrial and other chemical leaks can also cause contamination of water supplies. If a water quality emergency occurs in your location, follow your local municipality’s instructions for addressing the emergency. If a boil order is issued, follow that boil order advisory until you have been notified by local authorities that your water is potable and safe to use.
Following is our recommended procedure for cleaning and start-up of Pentair water treatment systems using Pentair filters and RO membranes for commercial foodservice applications.
Obey them, period!
Contamination due to breaks in the mains, general flooding, or damage to the municipal waterworks itself should not be confused with situations in which contamination by protozoan cysts (e.g. Cryptosporidium, Giardia) is discovered in a water supply. Everpure submicron filters and RO membranes are NSF-Certified for removing such cysts, but not for killing or removing dangerous bacteria and viruses, which must be assumed to be present during the aftermath of a disaster, chemical spill or other water emergency.
When a Boil Water Advisory is announced and it is clear that there has been gross contamination, operators should stop using their filtration or RO system and boil their water as advised by their local authorities, until:

  1. The “all clear” is given by local water authorities
  2. Plumbing systems in your facility have been disinfected
  3. Your Pentair system has been cleaned and any old or contaminated filter or RO cartridges have been replaced with new ones
    When safe water is available again, all water-using equipment should be sanitized with an approved disinfectant such as diluted chlorine bleach (5.25% sodium hypochlorite). The recommended dosage is 100-200 mg/L chlorine, which is easy to make. Fresh bleach has about 50 mg of chlorine in each mL, or about 500 mg in a capful. Four capfuls or an ounce in a 2-1/2 gal. bucket of water makes about 200 mg/L. Add a few drops of cleaning concentrate (e.g. dish detergent) to this solution and use it to clean external surfaces. Unexposed, interior plumbing surfaces can be sanitized in place using a Pentair Everpure JT Sanitizing/Flushing Cartridge. (Contact your local distributor or sales agent to acquire the JT can). This is an empty housing which can be filled with any cleaning or sanitizing solution and then be inserted into Everpure-branded filter heads. When the flow of water resumes, the disinfectant will be fed into the lines. When a strong chlorine smell is evident at the closest outlet, the flow should be stopped and the sanitizing solution left to soak for at least 30 minutes. When sanitization is complete, remove the flushing cartridge and install new, unused filters or membrane cartridges. Rinse the equipment by flushing water through the system as directed in your system’s Installation and Operation manual. Return your filtration or RO system to service.
    Follow the replacement cartridge change-out schedule per your system’s specifications. We suggest that you continue to monitor and follow your local water authority’s post-emergency recommendations. Please note that water problems caused by natural disasters often include high turbidity, even muddy, conditions. As a result, filter cartridges may clog faster and need replacing sooner than usual.
    If you have any questions regarding these instructions or require additional assistance please call us at 1-800-942-7873 or email us at

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Optipure QT Coffee Systems to Everpure Coffee Systems Cross Reference!

Optipure System Cross to Everpure System          
QT Coffee  Rated Capacity  Flow Rates    Rated Capacity  Flow Rates  
Optipure System Part Number Gallons Liters GPM LPMEverpure System Part Number/s Gallons Liters GPM LPM
QT5I-1 160-520766,00022,7120.752.85QL3B Head & 2FC-s Cartridge Head: EV9259-24 Cartridge EV9691-766,00022,7121.55.68
QTI10-1 160-5201115,00056,7751.55.7QC7I Single-MH2Head: EV9272-41 Cartridge EV9613-219,00034,0651.676.32
QTI10-2 170-5202130,000113,550311.3QC7I Twin- MH2Head: EV9272-22 Cartridge EV9613-2118,00068,1003.3412.64
QTI-1160-5201225,00085,1622.258.5QC7I 7FC-SHead: EV9272-41  Cartridge:  EV9692-7125,00094,6352.59.46
QTI-2170-5202250,000189,271519Insurice Twin-7FC-SHead: EV9272-22 Cartrdige: EV9692-7150,000189,270518.92

For more information please call us at 800-942-7873 or email us at!

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Optipure FX Ice Maker Systems to Everpure Cost Guard Systems Cross Reference!

FX Ice Maker Rated Capacity Flow Rates Rated Capacity Flow Rates  
Optipure System Part Number Gallons Liters GPM LPMEverpure System Part Number/s Gallons Liters GPM LPM
FXI-11160-5001015,00056,7751.55.7CGS-10 Single Housing: EV9100-10 Cartridge: EV9108-5710,00037,85427.57
FXI-12160-5002030,000113,550311.3CGS-20 Single Housing: EV9100-20 Cartridge: EV9108-6720,00045,425415.14
FXI-22 160-50025 30,000113,550311.3CGS-22  Dual Series Housing: EV9100-22 Sediment Cartridge: EV9534-26                    Carbon Cartridge:         EV9108-6720,00045,425415.14
FXI-22P 160-50030 60,000227,100622.7CGS-23 Parallel Series Housing: EV9100-23  Cartridges: 2 X EV9108-6760,000227,100622.7

For More information please call us at 800-942-7873 or email us at