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Filter Pure Systems, Inc., Everpure, Pentek, Shurflo, Holiday 2021 Lead Times!

Excessive Lead Times;

For the past several months, we have been experiencing longer than normal lead times with all of our manufacturers. The extended lead times have been attributed to a number of factors that are currently happening worldwide and not just in the United States.

Materials used in most all manufacturing plants globally are in critical low supply and the distribution of goods has slowed dramatically for last several months causing longer delays than expected on shipments to be delivered. Instead of days or a couple of weeks we experienced in the past for deliveries, those waiting periods are now turning into several weeks and months.

For the time being and in the foreseeable future, it is recommended that product ordering should not be a last-minute decision. If you use or are needing replacement water filters, new filtration systems or any other filtration products, please order those items as soon as possible and do not wait. The longer you wait, the longer the lead times.

Please call us directly at 800-942-7873/813-626-9600 or email us at for pricing and availability.

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The importance of Hydration in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic!

Our bodies are made up of 60%  water which is why staying hydrated and re-hydrating is so important. Water is in every cell of our body. It is used by our major organs, such as our kidneys, liver, heart and brain. Hydration is also key to regulating our core temperature, and dehydration can exacerbate an existing fever. Small losses in body fluid can cause body temperatures to rise. The amount of water needed to stay hydrated has gone up from the typical 8 glasses a day that was typically recommended, “Our bodies need quite a bit of hydration every day. For women, 2.7 liters about 11 glasses of water. For men, about 3.7 liters, about 16 glasses. Staying hydrated also means healthy membranes, when we cough, sneeze and just breathe, membranes in our nose and mouth eliminate bacteria. Moisture helps heal the broken membranes so additional infectious organisms can’t enter the body. A high quality source of drinking water in your home is one of the best ways to ensure that you and your family stay hydrated and healthy. Utilizing the same technology used around the world in restaurants and coffee houses, Pentair Everpure brings superior filtration into your home. Everpure commercial grade water filtration systems reduce contaminants that affect water taste while preserving the valuable minerals and vitamins naturally found in drinking water. Pentair Everpure can provide peace of mind with clean, great-tasting water in your home.

If you tour the kitchen at a world renowned restaurant, you’re very likely to see the Everpure name. We’re the industry leader that professional chefs trust most for excellence in water filtration. They love our ability to remove the impurities that make water taste bad, while preserving the valuable trace minerals that create refreshing flavor. A commercial grade Everpure system takes away all sorts of unpleasant substances – and even some unhealthy ones – that may be in your tap water:

  • Particulates that leave a bad taste or odor
  • Chemical substances that may affect health and add unpleasant tastes and odors
  • Bacteria and viruses that can cause illness
  • Limescale that damages your expensive water-using appliances

Everpure filtered water lets you drink, blend beverages, and cook with confidence.

  • Better tasting coffee and tea
  • More appetizing food – chlorinated water can cause cooking water to taste odd, which can affect food, such as pasta. Chlorine also can affect food color.
  • Tastier homemade bread – chlorine can affect yeast, which is a particular problem in sourdough recipes.
  • Cleaner fruits and vegetables – washing produce in filtered water prevents contamination with chlorine and related byproducts. Even washing salad in chlorinated water can have negative effects.

From elegant fare to simple crystal-clear ice, enjoy gourmet restaurant quality in your own home with a Pentair Everpure system.

Features of the Everpure H-300 Drinking Water System include:

Part Number: EV927076
• .5 micron
• Overall Dimensions: 22” H x 5” Diameter
• Rated Capacity: 300 gallons (1,135 Litres)
• Built in water shut off allows for easier cartridge changes
• Exclusive Micro-Pure filtering material coats the pleated surface inside the cartridge
• Retains vital minerals found naturally in water to ensure the health and delicious clean, crisp taste of your water
• Chlorine, taste & odor, sediment, lead and cyst reduction
• VOCs, volatile organic chemicals including THMs
• Removes dirt and cloudiness including particles as small .5 micron by mechanical means
• Removes particulates including oxidized iron, manganese and sulfides
• Adsorbs common earthy, moldy, fish tastes, and odors
• Enhanced KDF media to inhibit scale build-up that can damage equipment
• Commercial grade filtration, Everpure signature metal canister protects the filter from splitting or bursting
• NSF Certified under NSF/ANSI Standards 42 chemical reduction and 53 certified to reduce cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia by mechanical means
• Uses replacement H-300 replacement water filter cartridge (EV927072)

The same commercial quality that makes Pentair® Everpure the overwhelming choice for water filtration in restaurants is also available for your home. Pentair Everpure exclusive precoat filtration technology combines Micro-Pure® and a unique pleated filter membrane. This highly engineered design offers the largest filtering surface area, longer filter life, and consistent performance.

Download the Everpure-H300 EV927070 Filtration System Specification Sheet

Questions about the H-300 system? Please call us directly at 800-942-7873 or email us directly at

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Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer urges water limits due to Covid surge and the use of liquid oxygen in the treatment of Orlando water.

The Mayor of Orlando asked residents on Friday, August 20th, 2021 to stop watering their lawns and washing their cars for at least a week, saying water usage needed to be cut back because of the recent surge of Covid-19 hospitalizations. The Orlando Utility Commission treats the city’s water with liquid oxygen and supplies that ordinarily go toward water treatment have been diverted to hospitals for patients suffering from the virus. The city-owned utility typically goes through 10 trucks of liquid oxygen a week but its supplier recently said that it would be cut back to five to seven trucks a week to accommodate hospitals, said Linda Ferrone, OUC’s chief customer and marketing officer.

Worried about the quality of your drinking water? Give us a call at 800-942-7873 or contact us at

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Blue-Green Algae Toxins Found in West Palm Beach, Florida, Drinking Water!

Toxic algae forces closure of Palm Beach County flood control structure

West Palm Beach, Florida, is in the process of removing cylindrospermopsin from its drinking water supply. Cylindrospermopsin, a toxin produced by cyanobacteria (also known as blue-green algae), was detected in the drinking water from the city of West Palm Beach’s Water Treatment Plant. West Palm Beach is in the process of removing cylindrospermopsin from its drinking water supply after alerting its 120,000 customers May 28, 2021, that it was found in levels above U.S. EPA guidelines. According to the Palm Beach Post, the city activated emergency wells, added powder-activated carbon and increased chlorine-free levels in the treatment process to mitigate the issue. The EPA guideline for this unregulated contaminant is 0.7 ppb and the highest results seen over the last few days is 1.5 ppb and at that level, it is the vulnerable population that needs to take care. Residents in vulnerable populations are urged not to drink tap water and boiling tap water will not destroy the cylindrospermopsin toxins, according to the Florida DOH. Will your water filter take care of removing cylindrospermopsin? There are numerous challenges for the water filtration industry when it comes to emerging contaminants. Largely, there are no ANSI/NSF certifications for equipment to solve these issues. Cyanobacteria are not actually an algae, but rather a freshwater bacteria with no nucleus that thrives in high nutrient environments and the right weather conditions utilizing photosynthesis to reproduce. The algae itself is nontoxic until it dies and the cell wall breaks down releasing the intracellular toxin. The toxins can be particularly harmful in large quantities for humans, animals and pets ingesting, inhaling or through direct skin contact. This is problematic for cities that rely on vulnerable surface water sources for drinking water. Municipalities have guidelines for treating cyanotoxins provided by the EPA. Treatment techniques range from oxidation and coagulation to membranes and the use of PAC (powdered activated carbon) and other carbons. Treatment effectiveness is largely influenced by the concentration of the bacteria and the type and level of toxin it is producing.

The following is Pentair’s recommended procedure for cleaning and start-up of Pentair water treatment systems using Pentair filters and RO membranes for commercial foodservice applications for communities dealing with a boil water advisory.
Obey them, period!
Contamination due to breaks in the mains, general flooding, or damage to the municipal waterworks itself should not be confused with situations in which contamination by protozoan cysts (e.g. Cryptosporidium, Giardia) is discovered in a water supply. Everpure submicron filters and RO membranes are NSF-Certified for removing such cysts, but not for killing or removing dangerous bacteria and viruses, which must be assumed to be present during the aftermath of a disaster, chemical spill or other water emergency.
When a Boil Water Advisory is announced and it is clear that there has been gross contamination, operators should stop using their filtration or RO system and boil their water as advised by their local authorities, until:

  1. The “all clear” is given by local water authorities
  2. Plumbing systems in your facility have been disinfected
  3. Your Pentair system has been cleaned and any old or contaminated filter or RO cartridges have been replaced with new ones
    When safe water is available again, all water-using equipment should be sanitized with an approved disinfectant such as diluted chlorine bleach (5.25% sodium hypochlorite). The recommended dosage is 100-200 mg/L chlorine, which is easy to make. Fresh bleach has about 50 mg of chlorine in each mL, or about 500 mg in a capful. Four capfuls or an ounce in a 2-1/2 gal. bucket of water makes about 200 mg/L. Add a few drops of cleaning concentrate (e.g. dish detergent) to this solution and use it to clean external surfaces. Unexposed, interior plumbing surfaces can be sanitized in place using a Pentair Everpure JT Sanitizing/Flushing Cartridge. (Contact your local distributor or sales agent to acquire the JT can). This is an empty housing which can be filled with any cleaning or sanitizing solution and then be inserted into Everpure-branded filter heads. When the flow of water resumes, the disinfectant will be fed into the lines. When a strong chlorine smell is evident at the closest outlet, the flow should be stopped and the sanitizing solution left to soak for at least 30 minutes. When sanitization is complete, remove the flushing cartridge and install new, unused filters or membrane cartridges. Rinse the equipment by flushing water through the system as directed in your system’s Installation and Operation manual. Return your filtration or RO system to service.
    Follow the replacement cartridge change-out schedule per your system’s specifications. We suggest that you continue to monitor and follow your local water authority’s post-emergency recommendations. Please note that water problems caused by natural disasters often include high turbidity, even muddy, conditions. As a result, filter cartridges may clog faster and need replacing sooner than usual.
    If you have any questions regarding these instructions or require additional assistance please call us at 1-800-942-7873 or email us at