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New 2024 Everpure PFAS Reduction, Water Filtration Systems are now available!

PFAS are a group of synthetic chemicals used to manufacture hundreds of products; some common products that contain PFAS include non-stick pans, pizza boxes, fast food wrappers and cleaning products. Many PFAS, including perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), are a concern because they do not break down in the environment and can move through soils to contaminate our drinking water resources. According to the CDC Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, scientific studies have shown that exposure to some PFAS in the environment may be linked to harmful health effects in humans
and animals.

Everpure is driven to make a difference by continuously improving water and developing new solutions for our customers. Our Everpure water filtration systems are third-party certified to reduce PFOS and PFOA concentrations in foodservice applications. Here are the current solutions and pricing, please call us directly at 813-626-8600 with any questions.

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New 2024 Pentair Shurflo Beverage Catalog!

Since 1968, Pentair® has manufactured high-quality and innovative Shurflo®
branded pumps and components for the recreational vehicle, marine, foodservice,
general industrial and beverage markets. Explore our Shurflo Beverage Products Catalog, where Pentair offers an extensive selection of pumps and components.

For more information including pricing, please call us at 813-626-9600 or email us at

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Everpure RO Systems Product Announcement April 2023

April 3, 2023

Dear Valued Everpure Customer,

In an effort to streamline and simplify our RO Systems product offering, we are announcing today the discontinuation of the reverse osmosis system products listed in the table below, effective September 29, 2023We will continue to support replacement cartridge and service parts. Also included in the table are replacement model alternatives for all affected products. Most of the replacement models include our new EZ-RO Systems which are Easy, Expandable and Efficient.

If you have any additional questions related to this announcement, please contact your Filter Pure Pentair Everpure Sales Representative at 813-626-9600. We appreciate your business and commitment to Pentair products.

Part Number to be DiscontinuedDescriptionReplacement Part NumberDescription
164-14366BWS350/16EV997573EZ-RO 375/16ATM-BL
164-14375BWS350/50EV997575EZ-RO 375/50ATM-BL
164-14416OP350/16EV997567EZ-RO 375/16ATM
164-14450OP350/50EV997569EZ-RO 375/50ATM
164-01602BWS175/2EV997559EZ-RO 200/2G-BL
164-01605BWS175/5EV997560EZ-RO 200/5G-BL
164-01610BWS175/10EV997561EZ-RO 200/10G-BL
164-01616BWS175/16EV997562EZ-RO 200/16G-BL
164-01302OPS175/2EV997551EZ-RO 200/2G
164-01305OPS175/5EV997552EZ-RO 200/5G
164-01310OPS175/10EV997553EZ-RO 200/10G
164-01316OPS175/16EV997554EZ-RO 200/16G
164-14367BWS350/16 230/50-60EV997375EZ-RO 375/16ATM-BL AR
164-00216OP175/16EV997567EZ-RO 375/16ATM
164-00225OP175/50EV997569EZ-RO 375/50ATM
164-00102BWS100/2EV997559EZ-RO 200/2G-BL
164-00105BWS100/5EV997560EZ-RO 200/5G-BL
164-00110BWS100/10EV997561EZ-RO 200/10G-BL
164-00116BWS100/16EV997562EZ-RO 200/16G-BL

Questions about your system…call or email us at or 813-626-9600.

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Everpure 2023 Price List Now Available!

Dear Valued Pentair Foodservice Partner, 

We are happy to announce and share the release of the 2023 Pentair Everpure & Shurflo Price List. Prices reflect the January 1, 2023 adjustment. 

Historically, we’ve provided a full catalog that features our Pentair-branded portfolio of products with pricing. However, to promote more timely delivery and better serve you and your business efforts, we will now offer a yearly, stand-alone price list.

We are also excited to announce that we will split up our full catalog into multiple application catalogs for a more streamlined, focused approach. Look for those updates in the coming months.

 WHY THE CHANGES?◆  Earlier access to pricing
◆  Streamline information
◆  Product-portfolio catalogs organized by application
◆  Eliminates yearly printing creating longer shelf life
If you have any questions, please call Filter pure Systems at 813-6262-9600. Thank you for your continued support of Pentair brands and products. 


Pentair Foodservice
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Pentair Surcharge Announcement; Effective October 31, 2022, we are eliminating the 7% Energy Surcharge and will be converting this into a 7% list price increase.

Dear Valued Pentair Foodservice Partner,

In April, we announced a 7% freight/energy/transportation surcharge in response to escalating inflationary pressures. It was always our plan and hope that these increases would be temporary and revert to “normal” price levels in a short time. However, we have not seen these decreases materialize for our costs, nor do we see any relief to this higher cost position in the foreseeable future. 

Effective October 31, 2022, we are eliminating the 7% Energy Surcharge and will be converting this into a 7% list price increase. The net effect of this change will be zero to what you have paid since the implementation of the surcharge. We understand that the surcharge was difficult to manage, and we hope that the transition to price will be easier to manage moving forward for all parties. 

Please note that a small number of low-volume SKUs will be seeing an additional increase in price. Additional communication will go out to customers purchasing those items. 

You are an important part of our promise to make the most of life’s essential resources. Thank you for your continued support of Pentair brands and products amid these turbulent economic times. Your business remains vitally important to us!


Derek M. Rowley
Global Sales Director
Commercial Water Solutions

Please call us directly with any specific questions at 800-942-7873 or email us at

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What about your water and water filtration system after Hurricane Ian?

Provided the water in your area does not fall under a “Do not use”, boil water alert, your filter system and filters unless damaged by the storm should be fine. If your area does fall under a boil water alert you should change all filters and membranes installing new, unused filters or membrane cartridges after you have completely sanitized your system. Boil water alerts are often issued by water municipalities when damage occurs to water lines.  These alerts can also be issued if there is a loss in water pressure, allowing bacteria to backwash into the water pipes. Minerals and viruses like E.coli, cryptosporidium, and giardia, are all things that may get into water when a pipe breaks or during a natural disaster, like flooding. Below is Everpure’s Technical Service Bulletin regarding water quality emergencies and the procedures to place your system back into operation after a boil water alert.
Everpure Technical Service Bulletin
File No: 011414
Subject: Responding to Water Quality Emergencies
Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes cause contamination of municipal water systems over a large area. Industrial and other chemical leaks can also cause contamination of water supplies. If a water quality emergency occurs in your location, follow your local municipality’s instructions for addressing the emergency. If a boil order is issued, follow that boil order advisory until you have been notified by local authorities that your water is potable and safe to use.
Following is our recommended procedure for cleaning and start-up of Pentair water treatment systems using Pentair filters and RO membranes for commercial foodservice applications.
Obey them, period!
Contamination due to breaks in the mains, general flooding, or damage to the municipal waterworks itself should not be confused with situations in which contamination by protozoan cysts (e.g. Cryptosporidium, Giardia) is discovered in a water supply. Everpure submicron filters and RO membranes are NSF-Certified for removing such cysts, but not for killing or removing dangerous bacteria and viruses, which must be assumed to be present during the aftermath of a disaster, chemical spill or other water emergency.
When a Boil Water Advisory is announced and it is clear that there has been gross contamination, operators should stop using their filtration or RO system and boil their water as advised by their local authorities, until:

  1. The “all clear” is given by local water authorities
  2. Plumbing systems in your facility have been disinfected
  3. Your Pentair system has been cleaned and any old or contaminated filter or RO cartridges have been replaced with new ones
    When safe water is available again, all water-using equipment should be sanitized with an approved disinfectant such as diluted chlorine bleach (5.25% sodium hypochlorite). The recommended dosage is 100-200 mg/L chlorine, which is easy to make. Fresh bleach has about 50 mg of chlorine in each mL, or about 500 mg in a capful. Four capfuls or an ounce in a 2-1/2 gal. bucket of water makes about 200 mg/L. Add a few drops of cleaning concentrate (e.g. dish detergent) to this solution and use it to clean external surfaces. Unexposed, interior plumbing surfaces can be sanitized in place using a Pentair Everpure JT Sanitizing/Flushing Cartridge. (Contact your local distributor or sales agent to acquire the JT can). This is an empty housing which can be filled with any cleaning or sanitizing solution and then be inserted into Everpure-branded filter heads. When the flow of water resumes, the disinfectant will be fed into the lines. When a strong chlorine smell is evident at the closest outlet, the flow should be stopped and the sanitizing solution left to soak for at least 30 minutes. When sanitization is complete, remove the flushing cartridge and install new, unused filters or membrane cartridges. Rinse the equipment by flushing water through the system as directed in your system’s Installation and Operation manual. Return your filtration or RO system to service.
    Follow the replacement cartridge change-out schedule per your system’s specifications. We suggest that you continue to monitor and follow your local water authority’s post-emergency recommendations. Please note that water problems caused by natural disasters often include high turbidity, even muddy, conditions. As a result, filter cartridges may clog faster and need replacing sooner than usual.
    If you have any questions regarding these instructions or require additional assistance please call us at 1-800-942-7873 or email us at