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Everpure RO Systems Product Announcement April 2023

April 3, 2023

Dear Valued Everpure Customer,

In an effort to streamline and simplify our RO Systems product offering, we are announcing today the discontinuation of the reverse osmosis system products listed in the table below, effective September 29, 2023We will continue to support replacement cartridge and service parts. Also included in the table are replacement model alternatives for all affected products. Most of the replacement models include our new EZ-RO Systems which are Easy, Expandable and Efficient.

If you have any additional questions related to this announcement, please contact your Filter Pure Pentair Everpure Sales Representative at 813-626-9600. We appreciate your business and commitment to Pentair products.

Part Number to be DiscontinuedDescriptionReplacement Part NumberDescription
164-14366BWS350/16EV997573EZ-RO 375/16ATM-BL
164-14375BWS350/50EV997575EZ-RO 375/50ATM-BL
164-14416OP350/16EV997567EZ-RO 375/16ATM
164-14450OP350/50EV997569EZ-RO 375/50ATM
164-01602BWS175/2EV997559EZ-RO 200/2G-BL
164-01605BWS175/5EV997560EZ-RO 200/5G-BL
164-01610BWS175/10EV997561EZ-RO 200/10G-BL
164-01616BWS175/16EV997562EZ-RO 200/16G-BL
164-01302OPS175/2EV997551EZ-RO 200/2G
164-01305OPS175/5EV997552EZ-RO 200/5G
164-01310OPS175/10EV997553EZ-RO 200/10G
164-01316OPS175/16EV997554EZ-RO 200/16G
164-14367BWS350/16 230/50-60EV997375EZ-RO 375/16ATM-BL AR
164-00216OP175/16EV997567EZ-RO 375/16ATM
164-00225OP175/50EV997569EZ-RO 375/50ATM
164-00102BWS100/2EV997559EZ-RO 200/2G-BL
164-00105BWS100/5EV997560EZ-RO 200/5G-BL
164-00110BWS100/10EV997561EZ-RO 200/10G-BL
164-00116BWS100/16EV997562EZ-RO 200/16G-BL

Questions about your system…call or email us at or 813-626-9600.

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