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Filter Pure Systems, Inc is now an Authorized Master Distributor for Everpure Residential!


The same commercial quality that makes Pentair® Everpure the overwhelming choice for water filtration in restaurants is also available for your home. We’re the industry leader that professional chefs trust most for excellence in water filtration. They love our ability to remove the impurities that make water taste bad, while preserving the valuable trace minerals that create refreshing flavor. A commercial grade Everpure system takes away all sorts of unpleasant substances – and even some unhealthy ones – that may be in your tap water:

• Particulates that leave a bad taste or odor
• Chemical substances that may affect health and add unpleasant tastes and odors
• Bacteria and viruses that can cause illness
• Limescale that damages your expensive water-using appliances

Everpure filtered water lets you drink, blend beverages, and cook with confidence. From elegant fare to simple crystal-clear ice, enjoy gourmet restaurant quality in your own home with a Pentair Everpure system. Pentair Everpure exclusive precoat filtration technology combines Micro-Pure® and a unique pleated filter membrane. This highly engineered design offers the largest filtering surface area, longer filter life, and consistent performance. Everything you make with water will taste better: coffee, tea, flavored water mixes, juices, soups – even your ice cubes. For more information down load the catalog here, “Everpure Residential” or call us at 800-942-7873 or email us at for more information.





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Dual Manifold EV927891 Features Two Systems in One

As seen at NAFEM 2015. Everpure announces the new Everpure EV927891 Dual Inlet/Dual Outlet Manifold at this year’s 2015 NAFEM Show in Anaheim California. This new manifold features a rear mounted triple parallel QC, (Quick Change) manifold and a forward mounted twin parallel QC, (Quick change) manifold. Two inlets allow for water boost to be placed only on applications that need it for example the water being filtered for fountain beverages on the triple manifold side. Two manifolds also allows for two different types of everpure quick change cartridges for example a system focused on fountain and ice could have fountain drinks on the triple side, MCs, XCs,  4FCs or 7FCs and ice on the dual side i2000s, i4000s, 4FCs, 7FCs, 4Sls or 7Sls. A specialty coffee application with a focus on Espresso and Ice can focus on Espresso using the Triple side featuring ESO7’s  and ice on the dual side using i2000s, i4000s, 4FCs, 7FCs, 4Sis or 7Sls. A focus on just brewed coffee and ice could have the BH2 on the triple side with any of the appropriately sized ice cartridges on the dual side, i2000s, i4000s, 4FCs, 7FCs, 4Sis or 7Sls.

DualManifold For more information on system sizing or the filtration in use at your facility give us a call 1-800-942-7873.

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The New Claris Ultra!

We are proud to introduce the next step in the Claris filtration line. The Claris Ultra is the world’s first filter cartridge to combine mineral reduction and corrosion protection within one compact unit. As a result, Claris Ultra delivers the very best quality water for hot drinks and ice machines while also preventing scale formation in machines and inhibiting corrosion of materials across the widest range of water hardness levels. This breakthrough is achieved by using new patent pending water conditioning technology; in effect a highly engineered water conditioning system that uses the synergetic effect of mineral adaptation and mineral stabilization, all within one compact filter package. The result is optimum water mineral extraction, ie retaining the necessary minerals for a pleasant flavor and proper extraction of the coffee bean and grind, while minimizing the minerals that lead to limescale. Similarly, in ice production, Claris Ultra eliminates those minerals that cause cloudy and soft ice and lead to scaled ice machines, low energy efficiency and scale amplified bio-film formation. Everpure’s Claris Ultra filter range has successfully addressed the challenge of finding the right balance between protecting an operation’s investment and capturing the desired quality of brewed coffee, espresso, other hot drinks and ice cubes. The Claris Ultra filters use the same head as the existing Claris cartridge range.

Claris Ultra Filter Cartridges features

  • First cartridge to effectively combine lime scale and corrosion protection
  • More capacity / lower costs for hot drinks and ice cube machines
  • Inhibits metal migration from machine parts
  • Safeguarding /enhancing energy efficiency of food service equipment
  • Small foot print and low space requirement
  • Cartridge family with widest capacity range (one head fits all)

For more questions regarding the Claris Ultra please call us at 800-942-7873 or click the link below.

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The New Everpure FC-L

New 2015 Line of High Capacity, Lead Reduction Water Filter Cartridges, the Everpure FC-L 

Pentair is pleased to announce the launch of a new family of Everpure-branded high capacity lead reduction cartridges. The FC-L product line is available in 4- and 7-cartridge sizes, with and without scale inhibitor. The FC-L line offers 0.5 micron filtration, a 1.8 gpm flow rate per 4-size cartridge, a 2.7 gpm flow rate per 7-size cartridge, and proprietary Fibredyne™ II technology for superior chlorine reduction and dirt-holding capabilities plus lead reduction. Additionally, all FC-L cartridges/systems are certified against: – NSF Standard No. 42 – Aesthetic Effects for Bacteriostatic Effects, Chemical Reduction for Taste and Odor and Chlorine, and Mechanical Filtration – Nominal Particulate Class 1. – NSF Standard No. 53 – Health Effects for Chemical Reduction for Lead, and Mechanical Filtration for Cyst. The following reflects list pricing for the Everpure 4FC-L, 4FC-LS, 7FC-L and 7FC-LS Cartridges:




Taste & 







Part Number 




List Price 

EV9693-10 4FC-L Cartridge – 6 Pack 

4900 gal

9800 gal


EV9693-16  4FC-LS Cartridge – 6 Pack 

4900 gal

9800 gal


EV9693-40 7FC-L Cartridge – 6 Pack 

7400 gal

14800 gal


EV9693-46 7FC-LS Cartridge – 6 Pack 

7400 gal

14800 gal


* NSF listed capacity. ** Everpure tested capacity. Need more information on the new 4FC-L line of filters? Ask us below or call our team at 1-800-942-7873.

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What is a 7SO Softening Cartridge?

This pretty cool piece of equipment is used for food service and commercial applications. It can give you delicious specialty coffee, wonderfully strong espresso or refreshing, crisp ice tea. This cartridge reduces minerals like calcium and magnesium which cause hard water. It’s like having a mini water softener under your sink. This is ideal for hard water at a flow rate as high as 1/2 gallon per minute. The ion exchange technology is a carbon and resin blend. The cartridge has a psi range of 10-125, as well as, a temperature range of 35 to 100 degrees. The 2,000 grain capacity is ideal for high mineral content and low volume application. What is the proper way to use the 7SO (EV9607-04)? Usually it is a 2 stage setup. The first stage would be a MC2 (EV9612-56) filter. This reduces the chlorine, sediment, taste and odor. The precoat sub-micron technology reduces the dirt and particles as small as 1/2 micron. The 2nd stage is the 7SO, which reduces the hardness. Best operating procedure is to change the cartridge every 6 months just like most other filters. To determine cartridge life, divide total capacity of cartridge by the hardness in grains per gallon (gpg). So for example, 2,000 grains for the 7SO divided by 15 grains of hardness, you would exhaust this cartridge after running approximately 133 gallons of water through it. You can also change when hardness of treated water increases to more than 3 grains per gallon. Do not exceed recommended flow rate which is 0.5 gallons per minute. Don’t forget to flush the cartridge when you install it or change one out. You do this by running water through it for five minutes at full flow. This should be done no matter what filters you are using. The other great thing about this cartridge is that it fits all existing Everpure heads. No electrical connection is required. So if you have hard water in your foodservice location and want great tasting espresso we would recommend the 7SO. For more information on how we can help you on this system or others like it please call us at 800-942-7873.

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Everpure ScaleKleen Ice Machine Sanitizing Instructions

Even though ice machines ensure the daily delivery of a clean food product in millions of foodservice facilities around the world, too often they are left out of a business’s preventive maintenance plans. Developing and sticking to a consistent cleaning process for your ice machine not only helps guarantee your customers a clean food product time and time again, but it also enables you to reap the most from your investment for many years to come.

Your ice machine should be emptied and thoroughly sanitized at a  minimum every six months and Filter Pure recommends Pentair Everpure ScaleKleen, the smart, environmentally safe way to delime your water-using appliances. It removes limescale buildup and scale quickly and easily. It’s FDA approved to be used around food grade material, it is completely non-toxic and is safe to pour down the drain after use.


1. Turn off the ice machine, and drain the sump. 2.  Mix one 7-ounce packet of ScaleKleen in one quart of hot water and pour the solution into the ice machine sump. 3.  Allow the sump to fill so that the pump is not starved of water. NOTE: Do not turn on, the “REFRIGERATE” cycle. ScaleKleen works most effectively when mixed with hot water. The colder the water; the longer it takes to dissolve the scale. 4.  Turn the switch to the “PUMP” mode and allow water to recirculate with ScaleKleen for 20 minutes. 5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 if scale deposits are still visible. 6.  Drain and rinse the sump thoroughly with clean water to remove any remaining traces of ScaleKleen. 7.  Check the pH of the water in the sump. If it is within one pH unit of the influent tap water; then the ScaleKleen has been sufficiently rinsed out. (NOTE: an inexpensive pH test kit is available from your Everpure dealer). 8.  Turn the ice machine on to the “ICE” mode and place it back in service Cleaning times and frequencies can vary depending on the water quality and conditions of where the unit is installed. (Special care must be taken when bread or foods containing yeast are being prepared in the vicinity of the ice machine, since yeast-type bacteria could impact the machine’s operation.) Typical between-clean times average 30, 60, or 90 days (consult the user’s manual) to ensure the unit runs at its highest operating efficiency — the ultimate goal of any preventive maintenance program. By taking the time to clean your machine and change the filters you can greatly increase the life of your machine and drastically decrease the cost of owning an ice machine over time. Are you having problems with your water filtration or the quality of your water? Please do not hesitate to call us. We are trained professionals dedicated to solving all your water quality issues. Call us at 800-942-7873 or click the link below to ask a question.

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Got Water Problems? We can help!


Client: I’m having issues with my restaurant steamer oven having to be cleaned of a hard rock like substance on the heating elements and on the inside of the ovens boiler tank every 1 to 2 weeks. I’m also having to use more soap and cleaning supplies in the kitchen and bathrooms of my facility. I also have 2 large 1600 pound ice makers and 2 fountain beverage stations with 2 carbonators. My drinking water tastes bad and my glasses and flatware look dirty even after they have been cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand. My steamer oven manufacturer technician says I need an Everpure SRX scale inhibitor feeder bowl with a Scale Stick. Can you help? FPS: Yes we can but before we go any further and we sell you the wrong thing based on someone else. Can I ask you a few questions? Have you done a water sample recently to know what is in your water? Client: No, Why? FPS: The Everpure SRX scale inhibitor may not be enough or the right solution to take care of the entire problem you’re having. To know what is causing your problem in your steamer oven, bad smelling and tasting drinking water, high usage amount of detergents, liquid cleaning supplies, fountain beverage syrups, quick clogging ice machine water filters and dirty dishes it would be best to find out what’s in your water. How much water does your facility use? Client: Approximately 150 gallons per hour for 20 hours per day. FPS: What size is your water line to your kitchen and restaurant? Client: 3/4 inch FPS: Does the ¾” water line supply water to the entire facility? Client: Yes, it goes to the bathrooms and deep sinks. I want to make sure we don’t lose any water flow because we use a lot of water. I don’t want to use anything to make us lose water flow. FPS: No problem. Solution: Municipal water test results revealed the grains per gallon of hardness was 21, total dissolved solids were 289, chloride level of 237 and PH was 7.2. The levels of hardness would not have been controlled properly by the scale inhibitor system originally suggested and the issues in the other part of the building would not have been solved. We recommended to the client the Hydrotech Duplex 9×48 alternating tank water softener, a salt brine tank and a metered head which handles 10 gallons per minute flow rate. We also recommend an Everpure Triple 7FC for the beverage stations. Results: We talked to the client just one week after installation and asked how the system and his facility were doing after the installation. He said he did another water test after the system was installed and that the new water test sample reported the PH level was now 7.7, the hardness grains per gallon was now 7.5 down from 21, the chloride level are under 100 and the smell in the drinking water is gone. That was not the only good news. He also reported that the beverage syrup consumption is down and the soap usage has now been reduced by more than half than before. Also, the dishes and glasses are cleaner and shinier. The original problem with the limescale buildup issue in his steamer cooker, coffee machines and ice machine has been eliminated, saving money on downtime and additional service and replacement parts costs. He calculated his savings from this recommendation we gave and the equipment we supplied, he now will be able to save enough money to upgrade his facilities and add more revenue making equipment. Are you having problems with your water filtration or the quality of your water? Please do not hesitate to call us. We are trained professionals dedicated to solving all your water quality issues. Call us at 800-942-7873 or click the link below to ask a question.

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Why is NSF Certification Important?

Why is NSF certification on your water filters so important? Especially if the filtration I am looking at has the same components and uses the same micron level as the filtration with the NSF certification on it. The reason why it is important is because it provides assurance that a certified product, material, component or service complies with the technical requirements of the referenced standard.

Successful team of doctors, female with the clipboard
NSF Standard 42 covers Point of Use (POU) and Point of Entry (POE) systems designed to reduce specific aesthetic or non-health-related contaminants (such as chlorine, taste and odor, and particulates) that may be present in public or private drinking water. Class assignment for particulate reduction assigns ratings from Class VI, removing particulates ranging 50 micron to Class I, removing contaminants to ½ micron.  Water filtration systems in healthcare locations are recommended to utilize NSF 53 rated systems as they are rated for health concerns. NSF Standard 53 addresses POU and POE systems designed to reduce specific health-related contaminants that may be present in public or private drinking water. Everpure systems come in both NSF 42 and 53 certifications and the ratings can be utilized to determine the correct application dependent on the requirements for the water.  At Filter Pure, we aim to provide the highest quality water for all applications, whether it is regarding taste or health concerns. One of the most widely utilized filters for POU protection in a hospital is the Everpure i2000, EV961222.  The i2000 is rated NSF 53 providing filtration and bacterial protection for the water entering ice machines. This helps to eliminate contamination growth at a central location point in hospitals. The ice from these machines can be used for drinking, injuries, or various other applications used by patients and staff.  By reducing the likelihood of having exposure to contamination, you are providing a greater level of security for the protection of your facility. An additional concern for water protection is the ingredient water being used for drinks and food production in your facility.  Everpure filters are known in the restaurant industry as the filter to use when you want the best water and a guarantee of the quality you will receive.  We recommend the MC2, EV961256 as a great starting point for finding a water filtration solution for your foodservice needs.  The MC2 is rated NSF 53 with a Class I rating for ½-micron particulate reduction.  This gives your facility great tasting and healthy water that you can serve while again providing that extra level of protection for staff and patients. NSF Standards allow the user an objective way to compare water filtration systems. The first thing to consider before selecting a water filtration system is what are your water quality needs and will this system meet those needs.  In some cases, information about the quality of water coming into the facility will be required and that is when a water test is utilized to isolate variables that may be causing a problem in your water supply.  Filter capacity and flow rates are taken into consideration during sizing as well, since over-sized filters will incur increased cost and under-sizing the filter will reduce the life of equipment causing additional problems from poor performance.  For more information on system sizing or the filtration in use at your facility give us a call at 1-800-942-7873 and we will be glad to review your equipment to ensure you are getting the appropriate level of filtration for your facility.

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Where Can I Buy Ecolab Water Filters?

Ecolab is well-known for their water filtration solutions used in the food industry. We carry many compatible filters to replace Ecolab water filter cartridges, including the popular Ecolab 9320.


EcoLab 9320-1002: EP5-10 (5 Micron, 10″ x 2.5″, Carbon Block Filter)
EcoLab 9320-1028: CBC-10 EcoLab 9320-1044: CBC-10 (0.5 Micron, 10″ x 2.5″, Carbon Block Filter)
EcoLab 9320-1069: EP5-20 (5 Micron, 20″ x 2.5″, Carbon Block Filter)
EcoLab 9320-1101: CBC-20 (0.5 Micron, 20″ x 2.5″, Carbon Block Filter)
EcoLab 9320-1135: P5-10 (5 Micron, 9.75″ x 2-3/8″, Sediment Filter)
EcoLab 9320-1143: P5-20 (5 Micron, 20″ x 2.5″, Sediment Filter)
EcoLab 9320-1176: FilterPure Pentek WS-10 (9-3/4″ x 2-5/8″, Water Softening Filter)
EcoLab 9320-1184: FilterPure Pentek WS-20 (20″ x 2-5/8″, Water Softening Filter)
EcoLab 9320-1192: FilterPure Pentek  KDF/GAC 10 (9-7/8″ x 2-1/2″, KDF/GAC Water Filter)
EcoLab 9320-1200: FilterPure Pentek KDF/GAC 10 (9-7/8″ x 2-1/2″,  KDF/GAC Water Filter)
EcoLab 9320-1382: Inline Coconut    (2″ X 10″, 1/4″ FPT, Coconut GAC)
EcoLab 9320-2401: Everpure MC-2 Water Filter EV9612-56 (20.75”H x 3.25”, Replacement Filter For Fountain and Combination Applications)
EcoLab 9320-2402: Everpure Insurice I2000-2 EcoLab 9320-2403: Everpure Insurice I2000-2 (20.75”H x 3.25”, Replacement Ice Filter)
EcoLab 9320-2405: Everpure 7CB5 EV9618-11 (20.75”H x 3.25” Carbon Block Filter)
EcoLab 9320-2411: Everpure 7CB5-S EV9618-21 (20.75”H x 3.25” Carbon Block Filter)
EcoLab ECO-MC: : Everpure MC-2 Water Filter EV9612-56 (20.75”H x 3.25”, Replacement Filter For Fountain and Combination Applications)

Want to know more about how you can save money on Ecolab water filter replacements? Ask us below or call our team at 1-800-942-7873.

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More Unfiltered Truth!

The unfiltered truth is, Filter Pure, together with Pentair/Everpure, offers water filtration solutions to help preserve your budget. Want to lower your operational costs and raise the quality of your ingredient water? We have innovative filtration systems that can boost your bottom line and  help keep your operation running smoothly.

The Endurance High Flow!

 Up to 757,082 liters (200,000 gallons capacity)  One-year cartridge change, including Pre-Treatment.  Proprietary Industrial-strength Pre-treatment and Fibredyne II Media fine filters provide substantial dirt holding.  Two water qualities for hot and cold beverages  0.5 micron  NSF 42 and 53   •  Long-Term Protection – keeping harmful contaminants out of your water can add years of service to big-ticket foodservice equipment

 • Costs Down, Sales Up – reducing scale buildup lowers your service/maintenance  expenditures, and keeps equipment online and generating income

  •  Reduced Waste – delivering premium quality water while minimizing energy costs and water waste Water quality is just one of the unfiltered truths that is costing you money –  and maybe even customers

  Want to know more about truly innovative water filtration solutions that improve profitability? Ask us below or call our team at 1-800-942-7873.

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McDonald's Battles to be Breakfast Champs

McDonald’s really wants you to drink its coffee! The fast-food giant is battling against Starbucks, Taco Bell and Dunkin’ Donuts to capture a greater share of the breakfast market.  But can the burger chain reinvent the wheel when it comes to coffee? And can the public embrace coffee from a place that serves McNuggets?

As the breakfast wars wage on, McDonald’s has introduced a slew of new coffee products- from specialty spiced beverages and bagged beans. But with many of their flavored beverages coming in over 400 calories, the coffee offerings are about as healthy as a Big Mac.

Here are five ways McDonald’s is ramping up their coffee game:

  • 1. Free coffee, again.

    In April of this year, McDonald’s offered free cups of coffee during breakfast hours for two weeks. Now that it’s fall, the chain is renewing their complimentary coffee offer, which is from Sept. 16-29. 

  • 2. McCafe to hit grocery store shelves.

    Like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s has decided to expand its coffee offerings to the home brewer. Next year, fans of McCafe will be able to buy the burger chain’s signature roasts in grocery stores. According to the LA Times, McDonald’s will offering several roasts including breakfast blend, decaf, and French in 12-ounce bags and ready-to-brew pods. 
  • 3. Jumping on the Pumpkin Spice bandwagon.

    Pumpkin spice flavor is everywhere. But McDonald’s only began offering the fall favorite to it’s menu last year. But apparently, it won’t be available at every location so Starbucks will likely stay on top of the #PSL battle. 

  • 4. Expanding pastry offerings.

    What makes good coffee even better? How about something sweet on the side. Last year, Starbucks acquired La Boulange bakery in an effort to boost premium snacks and pastries. This year, McDonald’s began testing mini bundt cakes in select Florida markets. The little cakes come in three varieties: classic cinnamon coffee cake, lemon and double chocolate.
  • 5. Amped up fruity drinks.

    Fresh, flavorful…and healthy? McDonald’s has tried to capture the non-coffee cafe crowd with a range of fruit smoothies and fruit iced teas.  This is similar to Starbucks Shaken line.

So with McDonald’s, along with several other fast food chains, battling to be first in the breakfast market, the first concern is usually the water quality. Remember, 98% of most breakfast drinks (teas and coffees) are water. So if you’re looking to perfect you coffee and lattes, give us a call. We know exactly where to start. 800-942-7873
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The Unfiltered Truth

The truth is, Filter Pure and Pentair/Everpure have filtration solutions that give you more than just great-tasting water. Our filtration systems also extend the life of your water-using equipment. We can show you how custom-configured filtration can add years of service to those expensive foodservice systems. Equipment damage is just one of the unfiltered truths that is costing you money. Your combi-oven or ice machine might look nice and shiny and well kept on the outside, but take a look inside. You might be surprised at what you find. For instance:   • Limescale – this winter wonderland of calcium will buildup on heating elements and boilers, slowly choking the life of your combi-oven.

• Corrosion – water contaminants show no mercy when they attack metal, nylon and rubber components. Kiss your shiny ice machine goodbye.

• Particulates – these little soldier of sediment and debris might be small, but when they join forces their only mission is to clog system lines and tubing. 

The taste and quality of your water is important to us, but we know the damage that unfiltered (or poorly filtered) water can cause on your water-using equipment. Don’t let limescale, corrosion, or particulates break you down. Let us break THEM down with our water filtration systems. Let us know how we can help. Call us at 800-942-7873.