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Did you know that January is National Soup Month?! Well, what better way to celebrate than to have a company soup cook-off! Hold on to your bowls! The flavors are about to fly! Here’s a list of the contestants and the soups they are making! Now, some of these soups you’ll recognize and some you won’t…but ALL of them were delicious! Those who chose not to be in the cook-off brought something else instead. April made us these amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. Karen brought in tons of fresh mixed fruit that just melted in your mouth, and Amy brought in cheesecake! The kind of cheesecake that whispers your name while you sit at your desk trying to work and not fall victim to its deliciousness! Oh, cheesecake, you get me every time. As you can see from the picture, you put a mark by the name of the person, whom you think has the best tasting soup. The person with the most marks WINS! Easy enough, right? WRONG! Everyone filled up there bowls and tried all the soups. One by one we walked up to the board to place our votes. When the last person placed their mark we were shocked to see that we had ourselves a THREE WAY TIE!!! The tie was between Vince and his Italian tomato soup, Desmond and his red bean Jamaican soup, and Jessica with her Cajun 15 bean soup that also had a “mystery meat” in it. So we voted all over again, excluding everyone but those who tied. We tallied up the votes…….ANOTHER TIE!! This time it was between Jessica and Vince! The Italian tomato soup verses the Cajun 15 bean mystery meat soup!! We all voted AGAIN! One by one we placed our check marks on the board. Jessica and Vince were on the edge of their seats. Who would be the Filter Pure Soup Cook-off champion!?! We tallied the votes…hopefully for the last time. The winner is……………………..JESSICA KIUBER and her CAJUN 15 BEAN MYSTERY MEAT SOUP!!!! Congratulations Jessica! Here’s a picture of her winning soup: But what about that mystery meat she used? Well, Jessica wouldn’t tell us what kind of meat it was until everyone tried some. When we all put our spoons down and wiped our mouths, finishing her bowl of soup….she finally told us. I’ll give you a clue… GO GATORS!!!      

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Home Brewing the best beer!

We here at Filter Pure have a lot of customers that come in asking us questions like, “What kind of water should I use to brew beer?” There’s a saying, “If you don’t drink from your tap water, don’t brew beer with it.”

A lot of different styles of beer around the world were created based on the type of water in that area. For instance, people who want to make English style stouts usually put chips and salt into their water. You can even doctor your water to match different locations around the world by adjusting the temperature of the water. But first, before adding salts and adjusting the temperature, you want to make sure your water is filtered.

Whether your brewery looks like this…

…or this

…or even this…

…the water you use should be well filtered for quality taste!

There are many ways you can filter your water; we recommend using Costguard’s 10″ housing unit, the CGS-10 (EV9100-10) made by EVERPURE. This system is simple and inexpensive. The CGS-10 is made up of a 10″ low profile Slim Line single bowl housing that is manufactured of durable polypropylene and has excellent chemical resistance. It includes a water pressure gauge which is equipped with a pressure relief button to relieve water pressure during cartridge changes.

It also includes wall mounting bracket and hardware for fast and easy installation. This system is shipped fully assembled. All you have to do is choose the appropriate cartridge for your needs. A CG53-10 (EV9108-53) is highly recommended because of its .5 micron rating, and its carbon effectively reduces unwanted tastes, odor and chlorine. But if you have any type of softening resin already in your water, then use a higher micron rating, such as the CG5-10 (EV910815). Its specifications are the same as the CG53-10 except its micron rating is 5.

Water filtration and all the steps involved can seem confusing. You’ll find yourself scratching your head, not even knowing where to begin. Well, we’re here to help make it simple for you.

Your home brewed beer has the potential to taste EXACTLY the way you want it to. And the first step to getting it there is making sure you have the right water filtration.

Visit our website, or call us at 800-942-7873 with any questions you might have. We’re not just here to sell, we’re here to help!

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A Filter Pure Thanksgiving

We here at Filter Pure have been counting down the days for FPS’s annual Thanksgiving Day FEAST!!! Everyone, coming from different families, parts of the country, and traditions brought a variety of foods! We had everything from venison meatballs, to jerk chicken, to lasagna, to habanero mac-n-cheese, to different vegetable casseroles, and even a little Spanish pork! Delicioso!! Filter Pure Systems, made up of 12 wonderful people, treats each other like family, incorporating trust, patience, love, and honesty into our daily work. We enjoy being able to celebrate the holidays with each other reinforcing our belief in working together not just as a team but as a family. Here are some pictures of us celebrating our Thanksgiving Day Feast!  

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Halloween Costume Contest!

This Halloween, we decided to have a costume contest!! So everyone came in to work dressed up! We decided that we would all judge each other! Check out how creative everyone got!! From left to right, you have April who dressed up as Eric, our service technician (sometimes he can be scary). Then you have Vince and Angela as deadly pirates!! Craig dressed up as the gruesome grim reaper. Desmond dressed up as a police officer and Todd as a psychotic doctor. Jessica came as Bat Girl and Denise as a professor. Rusty who took the photo came as a hunter! photo522   Everyone decided that the winner is…. April Michel dressed as Eric!! We all applaud her for doing a great job! Even Eric was impressed and said she looked very handsome! IMG_3694 IMG_3795   But wait!! Don’t forget Jade! She dressed up too… Princess Jade!! IMG_37981

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The Pirate Wins!!!!

After weeks of customers, employees, and even our mail man voting on who’s the most creative pumpkin, it’s time to count up the votes and find out who the winner is!

Drum role, please!!!    And the winner is…..   Vince Paglino’s Pirate!!!!!!!!  IMG_3550

 Congratulations Vince! He received a $20 gift card to Carrabba’s Italian Grill! Everyone is already starting to think of what they will do next year!!

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Creative Pumpkin Contest!!!

Ah October!! What a wonderful month!! The leafs begin to change, the weather begins to cool down, everyone starts to shop for Halloween costumes, children day dream about all the candy they’re going to eat, and appearing all around town and all over porches are PUMPKINS!!! But why Pumpkins?! Well, lets go back to the beginning… The Druids, a Celtic religious order in ancient Britain, Ireland and France, believed that the souls of the dead returned to mingle with the living on ‘hallowed eve,’ October 31. People originally dressed in costumes to disguise themselves from these spirits. And to protect themselves just in case the spirits recognized them, the children would carve turnips and place candles inside to scare away the spirits! The Druids brought this tradition over to America during the great potato famine. Since pumpkins did not grow in Europe during that time, the Druids tossed their turnips over their shoulders the minute they saw our large pumpkins and got to carving. Bringing us the wonderful tradition of PUMPKIN CARVING!!!!! 

So we thought it would be a fun activity to bring to Filter Pure!!

Everyone was given one pumpkin to get creative with. The only rule…you can not damage the pumpkin in any way. You can not carve it, stab it, poke any holes, etc. We made this a rule so that after a week we wouldn’t be plugging our noses trying to escape the smell of rotting pumpkin.   Ready to see everyone’s Pumpkins!?!? 1. Jessica’s OWL! 2. Desmond’s ANGRY BIRD! 3. April’s HONEY BOO BOO CHILD! 4. Denise’s Ghost!! 5. Vince’s PIRATE!! 6. Angela’s Deadly Poisonous Spider!!! 7. Craig’s Crazy Creature!!!   8. Lara’s Largest Pumpkin Farm!     9. Rusty and Karen’s Pumpkin Outlaw  Now, we here at Filter Pure love a good competition! So we decided to have our walk in customers and each other vote who they think is the most creative pumpkin!! We set up this little voting station and tons of people have already voted!  On October 31st, we will count up the votes and declare the winner!! Of course, the winner will get a gift card to…well it’s a surprise, but you know they will get a lot of CANDY!!! So come back soon to see who will be the MOST CREATIVE PUMPKIN!!!            

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Team "Fatty Fat Pants" Wins!!!

Congratulations to team “Fatty Fat Pants” for being the BIGGEST LOSERS!!! They had the highest percentage of weight loss of 4.9% during the 8 week weight loss program. How did they do it?! Well, both of them worked out daily! Jessica would do Zumba and a “Walk Away The Pounds” video. Angela went to the gym for some intense work outs and would take daily LONG walks. Jessica cut out all sugars and focused on eating lots of healthy veggies. And Angela….well Angela substituted dinner for beer.  Hey, it worked! Jessica and Angela won a Blue Cross/Blue Shield beach bag donated by the Oswald Group.  The bags were loaded with goodies for sun ‘n fun: sunscreen, sunglasses, a Weight Watchers magazine and much, much, more including a DAY OFF OF WORK!!!!!  And with all these great prizes, you know they’re headed to the beach!!! Everyone did a great job working hard to eat better and drop those pounds! Total percentage of weight loss of all the participating teams was reported at 9.64%!  Way to go everyone! And way to go team “Fatty Fat Pants”!!!    

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Renovations are Complete!

No more tile floors, tight spaces, or conference meetings in the kitchen; the renovations are complete!!!! Here are some before and after photos showing our transformation! This used to be part of the warehouse that we have now turned into more work space for everyone.   This used to be the wall separating the office from the warehouse. Not anymore. We took down the wall, opening up our office more. We’ve also added more work stations. Remember that old tile?….. …..say “Hello!” to CARPET!!!! Check out our new conference room! From this…. ….to this! Oh, yeah!!!! And don’t forget about Denise’s new office! She is VERY happy! Check out the awesome new chairs that Rusty has in his office now! We even have new “Visitor Parking Only” signs!!

The recent renovations here at Filter Pure has brought everyone together as a family! The energy around this place is very positive as we all do our work with a new sense of pride in our company, knowing how far it has come.
Although, I’m still waiting to hear back on my proposal for my own personal office with the mini fridge and massaging chair. Fingers crossed!!
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Hurricane Debbie Hits FPS!

The wind began to howl through the doors. The lights flickered! The windows began to rattle! Our desks and chairs started to shake! Cows were flying by the window! We all embraced each other in fear….in fear of HURRICANE DEBBIE!!!!
Ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but Filter Pure was effected by all the wind and rain that came with Miss Debbie. Here’s a picture of her actual size. (The picture above is Katrina)
Debbie doesn’t even look like a real hurricane, but boy did she bring alot of rain and wind!
She actually rip our Filter Pure sign right off it’s posts.
We even had a leak from the ceiling…right over Jessica’s desk.
Sure it’s not alot, but that’s because Jessica caught it in time. Just think if that started to leak after we all left for the day! Good save Jessica!
So we stood up well to Hurricane Debbie! And may this be a lesson to all future Hurricanes! Don’t mess with Filter Pure Systems!!!