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News From Pentair's Water Initiatives

More than one billion people around the world, most of them in developing nations, lack access to safe water. The result is that preventable waterborne diseases continue to be a leading cause of illness and death globally. Every day, approximately 25,000 people, mainly children in developing countries, die from preventable waterborne diseases, according to the World Health Organization. Pentair has been in search of a solution that not only brings safe water to communities in need, but also ensures that the solution is sustainable at the community level, taking into consideration the complex economic, cultural and geographical constraints that need to be addressed. The solution also needs to have validating methods and standard practices that can be replicated around the world. To accomplish this, the Pentair Foundation funded a multi-year research program in remote Colón, Honduras. The results of the five year program and the impact on the lives of the people in Colón have been profound. The results demonstrated that sustainable access to safe water and adequate sanitation can be provided cost-effectively, and that the health and welfare of the recipients can be significantly improved. Additionally, to ensure that safe treated water continues to be available beyond Pentair’s initial funding period, a microenterprise business model was established, where the local community owns the water treatment systems and users pay their communities a nominal fee for potable water. The individual user fee is established by the local community to cover the ongoing operation and maintenance of their system. Once installed, the system costs pennies per person per day to operate. Leveraging this success, Pentair is partnering around the world by putting its grants, technology and talent to work for communities in need of clean drinking water. By engaging community partners and equipping them with our extensive product portfolio and technical water distribution systems expertise, we are measurably improving water safety and sanitation worldwide. Understanding that everyone’s efforts add up to more effective answers, Pentair is leading through partnership to find a sustainable solution to the global water crisis. Pentair invites others to join in working toward a world where everyone has access to quality water supply. We are making our findings and models publicly available to other organizations and municipalities interested in replicating these cost-effective methods. By turning industry insights into collaborative proactive plans and on-the-ground tools, we are confident that even the most challenging issues can be solved when we unite around smart ideas. Reference:    

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Renovations are Complete!

No more tile floors, tight spaces, or conference meetings in the kitchen; the renovations are complete!!!! Here are some before and after photos showing our transformation! This used to be part of the warehouse that we have now turned into more work space for everyone.   This used to be the wall separating the office from the warehouse. Not anymore. We took down the wall, opening up our office more. We’ve also added more work stations. Remember that old tile?….. …..say “Hello!” to CARPET!!!! Check out our new conference room! From this…. ….to this! Oh, yeah!!!! And don’t forget about Denise’s new office! She is VERY happy! Check out the awesome new chairs that Rusty has in his office now! We even have new “Visitor Parking Only” signs!!

The recent renovations here at Filter Pure has brought everyone together as a family! The energy around this place is very positive as we all do our work with a new sense of pride in our company, knowing how far it has come.
Although, I’m still waiting to hear back on my proposal for my own personal office with the mini fridge and massaging chair. Fingers crossed!!
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Ty Pennington Won't Call Us Back, But Renovations Go On!

It’s extreme makeover time: Filter Pure edition…or should I say Filter Pure additions. After 13 years of being in this location, Filter Pure Systems (FPS) is finally undergoing some new and exciting renovations!! Unlike many others in their industry, FPS has grown considerably in the years since the recession started. FPS started out with one outside sales manager and three inside customer service reps. But now, after thirty years of hard work and determination from Rusty Lowe, Filter Pure is made up of three outside sales managers, five insides sales reps, a remarkably accurate accounting department, a musically talented warehouse crew, and not to forget, Jade, Rusty’s dog. All these new additions have resulted in the need for more space to conduct business. With the desire to grow and expand FPS in the future, Rusty decided it was time to renovate. Everyone is excited to see the new changes. The customer service department made some interesting requests:

  • Personal office for everyone with window view
  • Individual bathrooms
  • Office chairs that massage
  • Mini fridges under the desk
  • Maybe a microwave
  • Pool table in the warehouse
  • Maybe a pool outback
  • A slide leading to the parking lot

I believe some of these things are being considered…although I did find the list of these suggestions in the trash. The renovations entail the expansion of our main floor which will allow more room for growth, the addition of offices, and a conference room! “We value the communication with our customers,” states April Lancaster, Customer Service Supervisor, “with the new conference room, we will be able to Skype with our international clients better serving them with all their filtration needs.” We will also be getting new carpet and re-painting the walls. We were thinking blue! Get it – water…blue? But with everyone having a difference of opinion on color choices for the walls and flooring, this decision may take a while! We’ve taken pictures throughout the renovation process and wanted to share it with everyone so you can see how Filter Pure is always expanding. img_0240 img_0303 img_02431 img_0300 img_0299 img_0301 img_02411 img_0302