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Renovations are Complete!

No more tile floors, tight spaces, or conference meetings in the kitchen; the renovations are complete!!!! Here are some before and after photos showing our transformation! This used to be part of the warehouse that we have now turned into more work space for everyone.   This used to be the wall separating the office from the warehouse. Not anymore. We took down the wall, opening up our office more. We’ve also added more work stations. Remember that old tile?….. …..say “Hello!” to CARPET!!!! Check out our new conference room! From this…. ….to this! Oh, yeah!!!! And don’t forget about Denise’s new office! She is VERY happy! Check out the awesome new chairs that Rusty has in his office now! We even have new “Visitor Parking Only” signs!!

The recent renovations here at Filter Pure has brought everyone together as a family! The energy around this place is very positive as we all do our work with a new sense of pride in our company, knowing how far it has come.
Although, I’m still waiting to hear back on my proposal for my own personal office with the mini fridge and massaging chair. Fingers crossed!!
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