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Halloween Costume Contest!

This Halloween, we decided to have a costume contest!! So everyone came in to work dressed up! We decided that we would all judge each other! Check out how creative everyone got!! From left to right, you have April who dressed up as Eric, our service technician (sometimes he can be scary). Then you have Vince and Angela as deadly pirates!! Craig dressed up as the gruesome grim reaper. Desmond dressed up as a police officer and Todd as a psychotic doctor. Jessica came as Bat Girl and Denise as a professor. Rusty who took the photo came as a hunter! photo522   Everyone decided that the winner is…. April Michel dressed as Eric!! We all applaud her for doing a great job! Even Eric was impressed and said she looked very handsome! IMG_3694 IMG_3795   But wait!! Don’t forget Jade! She dressed up too… Princess Jade!! IMG_37981

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