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Did you know that January is National Soup Month?! Well, what better way to celebrate than to have a company soup cook-off! Hold on to your bowls! The flavors are about to fly! Here’s a list of the contestants and the soups they are making! Now, some of these soups you’ll recognize and some you won’t…but ALL of them were delicious! Those who chose not to be in the cook-off brought something else instead. April made us these amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. Karen brought in tons of fresh mixed fruit that just melted in your mouth, and Amy brought in cheesecake! The kind of cheesecake that whispers your name while you sit at your desk trying to work and not fall victim to its deliciousness! Oh, cheesecake, you get me every time. As you can see from the picture, you put a mark by the name of the person, whom you think has the best tasting soup. The person with the most marks WINS! Easy enough, right? WRONG! Everyone filled up there bowls and tried all the soups. One by one we walked up to the board to place our votes. When the last person placed their mark we were shocked to see that we had ourselves a THREE WAY TIE!!! The tie was between Vince and his Italian tomato soup, Desmond and his red bean Jamaican soup, and Jessica with her Cajun 15 bean soup that also had a “mystery meat” in it. So we voted all over again, excluding everyone but those who tied. We tallied up the votes…….ANOTHER TIE!! This time it was between Jessica and Vince! The Italian tomato soup verses the Cajun 15 bean mystery meat soup!! We all voted AGAIN! One by one we placed our check marks on the board. Jessica and Vince were on the edge of their seats. Who would be the Filter Pure Soup Cook-off champion!?! We tallied the votes…hopefully for the last time. The winner is……………………..JESSICA KIUBER and her CAJUN 15 BEAN MYSTERY MEAT SOUP!!!! Congratulations Jessica! Here’s a picture of her winning soup: But what about that mystery meat she used? Well, Jessica wouldn’t tell us what kind of meat it was until everyone tried some. When we all put our spoons down and wiped our mouths, finishing her bowl of soup….she finally told us. I’ll give you a clue… GO GATORS!!!