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Water Worth More Than Beer?

There is a lot of speculation that a small hotel in Australia, the Dinner Plain Hotel, has some of the best water in the world. The hotel sits on top of an aquifer in Australia that has been holding this water for hundreds of years to create an artesian water supply.

The hotel will likely sell to a microbrewer for an asking price of $875,000 since beer is 95% water and starting with some of the best water available will influence the taste and quality of the brew.  Not every hotel or brewery can be located on top of an artesian water supply, but you can make changes to your water with proper filtration and engineering.

At Filter Pure we are able to guide our clients to the correct type of product to use for the desired result.  One of the products we recommend is the Artisan Crysalli water systems.  Crysalli produces both still and carbonated drinking water that provides an uncompromised elegance to a resort.  If you would like more information on Crysalli water systems or assistance with finding the right filtration for your facility.  Give us a call at 1-800-942-7873

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Home Brewing the best beer!

We here at Filter Pure have a lot of customers that come in asking us questions like, “What kind of water should I use to brew beer?” There’s a saying, “If you don’t drink from your tap water, don’t brew beer with it.”

A lot of different styles of beer around the world were created based on the type of water in that area. For instance, people who want to make English style stouts usually put chips and salt into their water. You can even doctor your water to match different locations around the world by adjusting the temperature of the water. But first, before adding salts and adjusting the temperature, you want to make sure your water is filtered.

Whether your brewery looks like this…

…or this

…or even this…

…the water you use should be well filtered for quality taste!

There are many ways you can filter your water; we recommend using Costguard’s 10″ housing unit, the CGS-10 (EV9100-10) made by EVERPURE. This system is simple and inexpensive. The CGS-10 is made up of a 10″ low profile Slim Line single bowl housing that is manufactured of durable polypropylene and has excellent chemical resistance. It includes a water pressure gauge which is equipped with a pressure relief button to relieve water pressure during cartridge changes.

It also includes wall mounting bracket and hardware for fast and easy installation. This system is shipped fully assembled. All you have to do is choose the appropriate cartridge for your needs. A CG53-10 (EV9108-53) is highly recommended because of its .5 micron rating, and its carbon effectively reduces unwanted tastes, odor and chlorine. But if you have any type of softening resin already in your water, then use a higher micron rating, such as the CG5-10 (EV910815). Its specifications are the same as the CG53-10 except its micron rating is 5.

Water filtration and all the steps involved can seem confusing. You’ll find yourself scratching your head, not even knowing where to begin. Well, we’re here to help make it simple for you.

Your home brewed beer has the potential to taste EXACTLY the way you want it to. And the first step to getting it there is making sure you have the right water filtration.

Visit our website, or call us at 800-942-7873 with any questions you might have. We’re not just here to sell, we’re here to help!