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Water Worth More Than Beer?

There is a lot of speculation that a small hotel in Australia, the Dinner Plain Hotel, has some of the best water in the world. The hotel sits on top of an aquifer in Australia that has been holding this water for hundreds of years to create an artesian water supply.

The hotel will likely sell to a microbrewer for an asking price of $875,000 since beer is 95% water and starting with some of the best water available will influence the taste and quality of the brew.  Not every hotel or brewery can be located on top of an artesian water supply, but you can make changes to your water with proper filtration and engineering.

At Filter Pure we are able to guide our clients to the correct type of product to use for the desired result.  One of the products we recommend is the Artisan Crysalli water systems.  Crysalli produces both still and carbonated drinking water that provides an uncompromised elegance to a resort.  If you would like more information on Crysalli water systems or assistance with finding the right filtration for your facility.  Give us a call at 1-800-942-7873

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The Artisan Soda Trend Gains Momentum

Restaurant consultants at Baum + Whiteman predicted that 2014 would be the year of the artisan soda. Given the popularity of at-home machines like SodaStream and with Starbucks launch in June of a new line of “handcrafted” sodas, it looks like they were right.  After piloting the products in Atlanta and Austin last year, the coffee giant rolled out a trio of summer sodas in the US that resurrect retro flavors with Spiced Root Beer, Golden Ginger Ale and Lemon Ale.

Freshness and originality are becoming increasingly important buying factors for today’s restaurant-goers. Operators have continued to bolster their drink programs with premium water and craft-soda options, which offer customers a more enhanced beverage experience than traditional mass-market picks. As restaurant operators have worked to develop their own Artisan sodas they have found that it all starts with the water.

The right Artisan water system can meet the challenge of dispensing consistently clean, cold and long lasting carbonated water. Designed with a patented cold carbonation process, the Crysalli Artisan Water System delivers longer lasting carbonation, about twice as long as a cold plate carbonation system while using about half the CO2. Generating smaller bubbles, Crysalli water not only presents well, it absorbs more aroma molecules than large bubbles, so you get silky smooth water dispensed at an average of 36˚F.

The Crysalli CR-UCM2

Crysalli under counter units even have the capability of supporting multiple dispensing towers. This gives restaurant operators the ability to create self service Artisan Water Stations in the dining room, while also giving their Mixologist staff the ability to create “handcrafted” sodas behind the counter. Multiple water filtration options for the Crysalli systems come from the most trusted name in water filtration, Pentair/Everpure. They feature the Everpure 4FC (EV9692-21) long life mechanical filtration filter that removes off tastes, chlorine, odors, colors and particles as small as half a micron from the water while retaining the essential minerals in the water for great flavor profiles and carbonation.  For more information on Crysalli Artisan Water please call our team at 800-942-7873 or enter your question below. Get our Newsletter!! Ask us a question!    

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Crysalli Artisan Water

Filter Pure Systems, Inc. is proud to offer Crysalli systems. Crysalli Artisan Water is the benchmark leader for Sparkling and Still water dispensing equipment. Providing cold, consistent, refreshing Sparkling and Still water with reliable equipment backed by a professional company. Filter Pure Systems and Crysalli offer diverse and complete equipment product packages and have dedicated support for product specification to your individual needs.

Contact us today for more information or to place your order.