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University Upgrades

Universities around the nation are upgrading or remodeling their cafeterias and concession stands. Whether they are getting ready for the new school year or football season, they are preparing for the multiple number of students and fans that will be joining them for the start of the new fall season. Filter Pure helps with this preparation by assisting them with all their water filtration needs. The most common filtration need with cafeterias and concession stands is their combination units, serving soda and ice. To make sure these units are serving delicious ice cold beverages, Filter Pure recommends the High Flow CSR Quad 4FC (EV9329-44). This provides you with a pre-filter, 4 filtering cartridges and a scale inhibitor. This system is rated for 60,000 gallon capacity, 3 carbonators, 1,500 lbs. of ice production and up to 4 brewing pots of coffee. The filter on this system, the 4FC cartridge (EV9692-21), is rated for 15,000 gallon capacity at a .5 micron rating. They are NSF 42 and 53 standard, with chlorine, taste and odor, particulate, bacteriostatic and cyst reduction.  These can be sized according to your needs. For example, if you needed more gallons capacity, like 100,000 gallons, you would use the 7FC cartridge.

As the Universities are working to better the experience for students and/or sports fans with the food options provided, they are also making sure the water used is safe, reliable and tastes great. We are proud to help them with all their water filter needs!

For more information on how we can help you on this system or others like it for your University or School please contact Amy Easter @ or call 800-942-7873.

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The Artisan Soda Trend Gains Momentum

Restaurant consultants at Baum + Whiteman predicted that 2014 would be the year of the artisan soda. Given the popularity of at-home machines like SodaStream and with Starbucks launch in June of a new line of “handcrafted” sodas, it looks like they were right.  After piloting the products in Atlanta and Austin last year, the coffee giant rolled out a trio of summer sodas in the US that resurrect retro flavors with Spiced Root Beer, Golden Ginger Ale and Lemon Ale.

Freshness and originality are becoming increasingly important buying factors for today’s restaurant-goers. Operators have continued to bolster their drink programs with premium water and craft-soda options, which offer customers a more enhanced beverage experience than traditional mass-market picks. As restaurant operators have worked to develop their own Artisan sodas they have found that it all starts with the water.

The right Artisan water system can meet the challenge of dispensing consistently clean, cold and long lasting carbonated water. Designed with a patented cold carbonation process, the Crysalli Artisan Water System delivers longer lasting carbonation, about twice as long as a cold plate carbonation system while using about half the CO2. Generating smaller bubbles, Crysalli water not only presents well, it absorbs more aroma molecules than large bubbles, so you get silky smooth water dispensed at an average of 36˚F.

The Crysalli CR-UCM2

Crysalli under counter units even have the capability of supporting multiple dispensing towers. This gives restaurant operators the ability to create self service Artisan Water Stations in the dining room, while also giving their Mixologist staff the ability to create “handcrafted” sodas behind the counter. Multiple water filtration options for the Crysalli systems come from the most trusted name in water filtration, Pentair/Everpure. They feature the Everpure 4FC (EV9692-21) long life mechanical filtration filter that removes off tastes, chlorine, odors, colors and particles as small as half a micron from the water while retaining the essential minerals in the water for great flavor profiles and carbonation.  For more information on Crysalli Artisan Water please call our team at 800-942-7873 or enter your question below. Get our Newsletter!! Ask us a question!