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Don’t Forget About the O-Ring!

First, what is an O-ring? An O-ring is a doughnut, or torus shaped seal typically used to prevent the passing of air or fluid. O-rings are used to keep fluid or air IN or OUT of a defined space. This device helps to keep the water tight or air tight integrity of a filter housing or filter application. O-rings come in a wide variety of sizes and different types of materials; Types of Material

  • Buna-N®
  • Ethylene, Propylene
  • Silicon Encapsulated with FEP, an FDA-approved material
  • Silicone (Solid)
  • Teflon® (Solid)
  • Teflon® Encapsulated with FEP
  • Viton® (Solid)

    To extend the o-ring’s effectiveness there are some things you can do: Remove and inspect the o-ring at every filter change or every time the housing is opened, as well as applying the manufacturer’s approved lubricant. The protectant/gel, usually made of silicon is inexpensive and is easy to apply. If there are signs of any wear or improper form of the o-ring, the o-ring must be replaced immediately prior to restarting the filter system.    The life of an o-ring varies based on how you take care of it and what it is made of. It is very important to your operation to make sure you have the proper o-ring for your filtration application. If you have any questions on changing out your o-rings or whether you are using the proper o-ring for your system, I invite you to submit a question below or call our team at 1-800-942-7873. Click here to ask us a question!

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Happy Halloween from Filter Pure

From our work family to yours, Happy Halloween!!

Winning this years costume contest is…

Todd Leach, dressed as Jesse from Breaking Bad!!

Here’s the rest of everyone and their outfits!

Here’s Mr. Bananas – Craig!

Here’s Amy, the good witch gone bad!

This is one Hippy you’ll want to party with – APRIL!!

Watch out for Jessica the Gypsy, she’ll steal your gold and your heart! 

Here’s Denise as a 60’s house wife!! Check out her Bud Light slippers!

Lara’s rocking the hipster skater chick look!

And don’t forget, Steve, the donut guy (Kevin)! He got everyone’s vote!!

Here’s Todd working in his hazmat suite

Gypsy dance!!

These two are trouble

Mr. Bananas, hard at work!

Amy, in her witches den!


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Vote for Best Pumpkin!!

It’s that time of year again! Time for the Creative Pumpkin Contest!! Stop by the office to vote for who you think is the most creative pumpkin!!  Here are this years entries!! Amy: Roll Tide Elephant Craig: SCREAM pumpkin! Denise: Ghost  

Desmond: Duck Tape Demon
Jessica: Minion from Despicable Me 
Kevin: Mardi Gra Pumpkin 
Lara: The Changing of Seasons
Todd: Mummy Pumpkin
Vince: Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball
Come on in and vote for who you think is the best! On October 31st we will count up the votes! Stay tunes to see who will win!


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Dog Appreciation Month

When I think of the month of September, I think of back to school shopping, fall starting, the weather beginning to change, and the Holiday’s are right around the corner. But did you know that September is DOG APPRECIATION MONTH!? So we here at Filter Pure decided we would honor our pups by displaying their pictures in the conference room, reminding us to spoil our dogs ALL month long! Below are the pictures of everyone’s dogs. We love our pooches so much and are glad they are in our lives! Remember to show extra love to your pups at home this month! Bella (left) and Colt (right) – Jessica’s dogs Mugsey (left) and Duncan (right) – April’s dogs Bruiser – Amy’s dog Mojo – Amy’s other dog Smokey – Denise’s dog Ringo – Craig’s Dog Cali – Lara’s dog Jade – Rusty and Karen’s dog And don’t forget these Filter Pure dawgs! (From left to right: Craig, Kevin, Todd and Desmond)  

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Happy Bridal Shower!

Congratulations to April Lancaster and Lara Shumate on their recent engagements! Both April and Lara will be getting married this Summer and Filter Pure wanted to show their love and excitement for them by throwing a beautiful Bridal Shower!!
April will be married this June to Eric Michel. Lara, in just a few weeks, will be marrying Shawn Hopkins. Can’t you just smell the rice in the air?
Check out the pictures below!
They decorated their cubicles in wedding decor that made April and Lara squeal with excitement!
They set up a gift table with all kinds of wonderful presents….from their registries!!
They even got them a cake with strawberries inside! YUM!!!
Wait a minute! The bakery misspelled Lara’s name. That’s ok, Denise to the rescue!!
Much better! Thank you, Denise!
Don’t forget all the delicious food everyone brought!
“Knowing my great ease dropping skills, I’m very impressed at how they hid this from April and I. What a great surprise! We are so blessed to work for a company that treats us like family and proudly shows their love and respect for us. It’s days like these that make me so proud to work for this company” says Lara Shumate.
Here are some pictures of April and Lara and their better halves.
The future Eric and April Michel
The future Shawn and Lara Hopkins