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Dog Appreciation Month

When I think of the month of September, I think of back to school shopping, fall starting, the weather beginning to change, and the Holiday’s are right around the corner. But did you know that September is DOG APPRECIATION MONTH!? So we here at Filter Pure decided we would honor our pups by displaying their pictures in the conference room, reminding us to spoil our dogs ALL month long! Below are the pictures of everyone’s dogs. We love our pooches so much and are glad they are in our lives! Remember to show extra love to your pups at home this month! Bella (left) and Colt (right) – Jessica’s dogs Mugsey (left) and Duncan (right) – April’s dogs Bruiser – Amy’s dog Mojo – Amy’s other dog Smokey – Denise’s dog Ringo – Craig’s Dog Cali – Lara’s dog Jade – Rusty and Karen’s dog And don’t forget these Filter Pure dawgs! (From left to right: Craig, Kevin, Todd and Desmond)  

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Renovations for Jade!

With all these renovations going on, Jade began to think, “I wish I had some renovations to my area too!”
Jade tried to ask if she could have some renovations…but everyone was busy working.
Jade thought to herself, “The new carpet is nice and all, but I still wish I had my own renovations…”
Well, one day, while Jade was out on the warehouse dock sun bathing…we did a little canine renovating of our own!
That’s not just any dog bed…that’s an “Orthopedic Foam” bed!
When Jade came in she was SO HAPPY!!!
Jade is loving her new renovations and wants to thank everyone for loving her so much!!