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Government Sales Experience

Filter Pure has provided high quality products and exceptional, knowledgeable service to customers in a wide variety of industries for over 30 years. One of those industries is our Federal Government. Our specialist in this department is Amy Easter, who is flexible and responsive to our customers’ unique requirements.

Our extensive line of quality products and competitive pricing make us the first choice for our customers’ filtration needs. Our Federal Government customers include US Army, US Navy, US Coast Guard, Veterans Administration, US Special Operations Command, AAFES, and several other military installations. We also provide to State and Local Governments as well.

We are registered in SAM with cage code 32YK1. Our NAICS and FSC Codes are as follows:

221310: Water Supply and Irrigation Systems 333318: Other Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing 333911: Pump and Pumping Equipment 4110: Refrigeration Equipment 4610: Water Purification Equipment 4710: Pipe, Tube and Rigid Tubing 4730: Hose, Tube, Lubrication, and Railing Fittings 4820: Valves, Non-powered 4330: Centrifugal, Separators, and Pressure and Vacuum Filters

We are proud to assist our Federal Government in all their water filtration needs. If you are affiliated with the government and want more information on how we can help you, please contact Amy Easter,, at 800-942-7873. Or submit your question below.

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Keeping our Soldiers Safe

For over 30 years, Filter Pure Systems has been keeping our soldiers safe by keeping their drinking water SAFE, especially our boys on the seas. Did you know that a survey was done to determine the risk of contaminated drinking water aboard eleven different US Naval ships? The findings showed that every ship had a moderate risk of chemical contamination in production, storage and distribution systems. This was due to volatile organic compounds, total petroleum hydrocarbons, disinfection by-products and lead.

The U.S. Navy has recognized Everpure Bromination as the safest, most reliable and easy to use method of water disinfection aboard their ships and Filter Pure Systems is proud to provide them with those systems. Bromination was first registered for use in 1976, treating potable water by using polybrominated ion exchange resin. Bromine is a natural occurring element that is found as bromide in living organisms and is a common component in seawater. A large portion of onboard and offshore illness can be caused by this. 

The revolutionary bromine-based systems provide an excellent alternative to chlorine, while de-chlorination systems can be retrofitted to bring cleaner taste to pre-chlorinated water. Ideal for ships of any size, or even off-shore platforms, our Everpure Marine bromination systems won’t corrode filtration equipment like chlorine can. 

Chlorine also carries a fire hazard safety warning and bromine does not. The bromine cartridges hold the polybromide resin, which is non-toxic, and more importantly, non-flammable. Everpure’s de-chlorination systems can also be retrofitted to work with existing chlorination systems, removing the unpleasant taste and smell of chlorine.

Remember, water is the fuel for the United State’s most important military weapon, our Soldiers! So it is a priority to make sure their water is fresh, clean, and most importantly, SAFE!  To learn more about Everpure Marine water filters, contact Filter Pure Systems, Inc. today. We work closely with distributors and customers to ensure that they get the best water filter systems for their needs. Whether you need quick-change cartridges — or a completely new bromination system — Filter Pure Systems, Inc. is here to help! Contact us online or reach Customer Service at 1-800-942-7873.