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Vince Paglino of FilterPure Systems Wins Voodoo Chef Chili Cook Off !

Bragging rights were up for grabs on Saturday as Just Grillin and the VooDoo Krewe hosted the Tampa Bay battle of Chili concoctions in Carrollwood. FilterPures’ own Vince Paglino won the Judges first place vote for his Meat and Bean Chili and his Butternut Squash Chili won the fan favorite category! Congratulations Vince on your first and second place wins and congratulations to Just Grillin and the VooDoo Chef Foundation as all proceeds from the event went to support the Food Community in the Tampa Bay area including but not limited to Chefs, Cooks, Foodies, Students, Restaurants, Entrepreneurs, and schools in support of the Foodservice/Hospitality Industry.

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