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The New Grill

As most of our followers know, we here at Filter Pure usually throw a monthly event bringing our little family together with a good meal. Everyone brings a dish and lately we’ve been using a small grill to cook up some delicious chicken wings, mouth watering burgers and of course, brauts! The grill we were using was small and a tad dated, so Rusty bought us a NEW GRILL!!! Order up!!! Now grilling out the best food in town…FILTER PURE!! We are all so excited about the new grill! Craig Mastny did a great job of setting it up out front. Below are some pictures documenting Craig’s hard work! Things you need: a hole, bag of rocks, bag of cement, the grill, a level and water! Simple, right?! Craig lines up the pole just right! Then he pours in the cement with the bag of rocks. Time to add water! Get-the-hose add-water

Now let the water soak and sit!

Once cement is dry, add the grill! We gave the honor to our Grill Master, Vince Paglino! Now get that grill going! I’m hungry!! hot-coals the-grill

Mmmmm! Cook out time!!
Stay tuned to check out more pictures of the new grill at work at our Grand Opening Event. Click Hydrotech to find out more!
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