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Water Softening: A Simple Approach to Great-Tasting Water

“Hard water” is generally defined as that which has a high concentration (>100mg/L) of dissolved salts, like calcium and magnesium, which are absorbed from the earth. This excess of particulates can cause numerous problems for the home and small business owner, such as difficulty in regulating water pH (important for pool and aquarium owners), and scaling/deposit buildup in pipes, boilers, and machinery which makes use of water, such as coffee and espresso makers.  The classic tell-tale sign of hard water is difficulty in lathering soap and shampoo. Another such problem is the taste associated with hard water. Water containing mineral contaminants can taste bitter, especially when used to cook or brew fine coffee. When this becomes a concern, many turn to water softening to remove these minerals and make them palatable. Softening, while not a lengthy process, is complex when compared to other purification methods such as reverse osmosis. Water softener cartridges make use of either an all-in-one cartridge such as the Everpure ESO7 or a drop in bowl system such as Everpure’s SO-204 to remove excess minerals from your water. With the ESO 7, not only is water softened, but dirt and particles are removed as well.  The ESO 7’s unique three-stage blending cartridge provides softened, buffered, and precoat filtered water, while the cartridge’s ion exchange resin with buffering capabilities and high-capacity coconut carbon filtered water bypass make it the perfect choice for specialty coffee, espresso, and ice tea applications. Systems such SO-204 combine small size and ease of use with commercial application capability.   Measuring just 26”x5.125”x5.25”, the SO-204’s replacement cartridges are sized to fit under any counter or mounted on the wall behind the coffee or espresso machines.  While relatively small, the SO-204 is designed to handle water having up to 30 grains per gallon (500mg/L) – 5 times the definition of “hard” water.  Moreover, the filters are easy to change.  Not only do replacement cartridges not require a housing wrench to be changed, that is, they can be hand-tightened, but cartridges require only one minute of flushing.  Many high-end coffee and espresso machines require a water softener to ensure the quality of the coffee is preserved through the brewing process and warranty purposes. If you think you would like to make use of a water softening cartridge in either your home or business, contact Filter Pure Systems, Inc. at 1-800-942-7873 today.

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