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The Multiple Advantages for Commercial Water Filtration

More consumers are “going green” and ditching the bottled water. What does that mean for businesses? An increased demand for pure and refreshing water, ice, and beverages. The best way to deliver that is through a high-quality commercial filtration system. Benefits of Commercial Water Filtration Commercial water filtration systems are indispensable for virtually every business. These systems offer businesses multiple advantages, including savings:

  • Reduced expenditures on bottled water: In the office setting, employers often supply their staff and customers with bottled water. Cut costs on beverage service with an office water purification system. A filter system requires a higher one-time investment, but eliminates a recurring cost.
  • Eliminate incidence of injury: Lifting and changing the heavy bottles on popular water coolers can result in employee injury, due to muscle strain. Replace the cooler with an Everpure Reverse Osmosis System, which runs directly from the office water supply.
  • Improved sanitation: Since water filtration systems can remove microorganisms, shielding employees and customers from potentially harmful bacteria. Meanwhile, food preparation attains a new level of sanitation when completed with purified water.
  • Better flavor: The flavor of all water-based beverages improves with water filtration. Food service customers will appreciate the consistently delicious flavor of all their favorite beverages, from fountain soda to coffee.

Attaining Maximum Benefit The key to gaining the greatest benefit from commercial water filtration is proper maintenance. Business owners should take special care to maintain their systems properly:

  • Follow manufacturer guidelines for installation: Be sure that the person who installs the water filtration system is a licensed plumber or a qualified manufacturer’s representative. The installer should have specific experience installing commercial systems.
  • Don’t skip the regular maintenance: Read the instructions for the system and adhere to any specified maintenance schedule, such as changing filters. Failure to do so can cause increased wear on parts and leave water less than totally pure.
  • Clean the system properly: If employees will be responsible for any aspect of commercial water filtration maintenance, be sure that they receive proper instruction in all necessary techniques. Ask your installer to provide “lessons” to key staff members.
  • Teach proper technique: Show all employees the best way to maintain sanitary conditions. This step is often as simple as reminding employees to use the provided scoop in the ice machine!

From corporate headquarters to family-owned diners, all businesses can benefit from commercial water filtration systems. These systems ensure consistent quality, improve sanitation, and save business owners money.