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Military Installation Contamination

The military has documented that there are several bases on the NPL (National Priorities List) that have water contamination issues, for example: Redstone Arsenal in Alabama, Jacksonville NAS in Florida and Camp Lejeune Military Reservation in North Carolina.

The different types of contaminates that have been found include solvents, metals (such as lead,) cadmium, pesticide residue and even military substances such as nerve agents and unexploded ordnance. Petrochemical storage tanks could be old and rusted so they can be leaking as well.

The most discussed base is Camp Lejeune. The dumping began as early as the 1950’s. This is before the EPA was enforcing standards on bases. Not only military personnel but civilians in the surrounding areas complained about the taste and odor of the water. Then the serious issues began when people were getting violently ill.  Local health officials were treating individuals with various maladies from gastrointestinal problems to blood disorders. One of the causes was Groundwater Leaching. This is an extreme broad based environmental concern where the water from the rain seeps into the ground and can dissolve chemicals, carrying them into the ground water supply. Adding to these issues was that these areas have special environmental sensitivity, such as wetlands, natural habitat for endangered and other wildlife species. As the ground or well water is pumped for consumption, we need to make sure that it gets filtered correctly to control, diminish and eliminate the different contaminates. The DOD has spent approximately $42 billion in environmental restoration over the past 10 years. They are dedicated to the cleanup of nearly 20,000 active sites that have been identified by the National Priorities List that is regulated under the Federal Superfund Law. So what solutions can Filter Pure provide to help ensure safe potable water? There are different types of equipment and filters that can reduce or eliminate toxins and contaminates to protect and sanitize the water you use. From oil absorbing cartridges, ultrafiltration to ozone, UV and activated carbon; these products can be used individually or combined together. First thing to know is what is in your water? A water sample is crucial in defining what the different levels of elements are so that we can start to provide you with solutions created specifically for your needs. To learn more about Filter Pure or how we can help with your filtration needs please contact us at 800-942-7873. 

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