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Happy Mothers Day!

As the most popular holiday of the year to dine out, nearly half of Americans will dine out or order restaurant takeout or delivery today. According to the NRF, the National retail Foundation, Americans expect to spend more than ever on Mother’s Day this year as they shower moms with everything from jewelry to special outings at favorite restaurants. Total spending is expected to reach $23.6 billion – the highest in the survey’s 14-year history, topping last year’s previous record of $21.4 billion. Whether consumers pick Mom’s preferred buffet breakfast or her favorite fine-dining dinner, America’s restaurants are stepping up to the plate to help families celebrate the special occasion. And while a majority of consumers make their Mother’s Day meal plans less than a month out, nearly one in five have probably been planning their celebratory meals for more than one month and the first thing that Mom is going to taste today is the water! If you are an operator that currently has a Pentair/Everpure water treatment in your facility you know that you are serving premium “Filtered Pure” water to your Moms, but if you don’t you may want to consider spending a few more dollars to make sure that you can pass the “Mom smell test”! You can be sure that if your water is off color with a bad taste or odor this weekend, it’s going to reflect poorly on the person who recommended your restaurant for Mom. Either way it is certainly something that is easy to avoid, as easy as making sure that your water filters have been changed or if you don’t already have one, installing an Everpure water filtration system to take care of all of the beverages and ice that you are serving.  If you already have an Everpure system, it is essential that filters be replaced periodically. The frequency of filter changes depends upon your water quality and your water usage. For example, if there is a lot of sediment and/or particles in your water, then you will have to change your filters more frequently than a location with little to no sediment. Be sure to replace your filters whenever you notice a decline in the performance, whether it is a drop in flow rate and/or pressure or an unusual taste in the water.

EV9437-10 Complete Restaurant System for all treated product water, beverage water and ice in your facility.

Prefilter, ( First bowl to left, system above)

The prefilter (coarse) cartridge should be changed when it becomes dirty to within 1/8″ of the core or when you see the outlet pressure gauge fall into the red zone. Check the pressure gauge only when the equipment is calling for water.

Submicron Cartridges ( 3 in the middle system pictured above)

The cartridges should be changed at the first occurrence of a) the gallon rating stated on the label, b) every 6 months, or c) the pressure gauge needle falls into the red zone while your equipment is calling for water.

Scalestick  ( cartridge in last bowl to right pictured in system above)

The Scalestick needs to be replaced before the Hydroblend compound is completely used up.

EV9628-28 Filter Replacement kit for the EV9437-10 system pictured above.

You should also replace your water filters whenever you notice a decline in performance, whether it is a drop in flow rate and/or pressure, or an unusual taste in the water. You should also, per the CDC, replace your water filter after any boil water advisory alert is lifted in your area. Remember: taste and odor may tip you off to the presence of chlorine in your water, but most contaminants are tasteless and odorless.

For the benefit of our customers, we have set-up automatic electronic reminders that are sent when we see that their filters are due to be replaced, based on order history.  We can even set-up Auto-Ship for customers that know they will need water filters by a certain date, but may not remember to place an order.

If you have a question regarding how often you should replace your filter or not sure about the filter system that you have please email your questions and a picture of the system to or call our team at 1-800-942-7873 and have a very Happy Mother’s Day!


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