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Happy Fathers Day!

Sorry Dads, we are not as popular as Mom and Mothers Day, the most popular holiday of the year to dine out but we will be spending more than $15.5 billion this year on Dad according to the National Retail Federation. According to the Federation and a recent Fortune article, most Americans, 39.9% according to the NRF, plan on purchasing gifts directly from department stores compared to the 33.7% who will order gifts online. A Father’s Day shopper is expected to spend an average of $134.75 on Dad this year, $8.83 more than in 2016. Something very interesting that has been consistent and we can expect more of this year are millennials….sons and daughters plan on spending their money on experiences rather than things this year, including eating out and travel. Additional experiences can include live performances and other social events. Planned spending on a special outing with Dad surpassed gift spending on clothing, gift cards and even electronics. Worried about Dad’s drinking water experience? Not sure that Dad is well hydrated and drinking enough water? We recommend the OW200L drinking water system if you would like to leave minerals in the water or if you would like to take just about everything out of the water, think “Dasani”, check out the PURA QCRO , either one are easy to DIY.  Not sure if either are the right choice?….give us a call at 800-942-7873 or contact us at to discuss a total solution for Dad’s house!

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