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Everpure 9970-54 Reverse Osmosis System

Wherever there is a demand for a consistent flow of quality filtered water, the Everpure EV9970-54 efficiently delivers its services. The purity of the final product of the reverse osmosis system is especially advantageous to coffeehouses, which often serve a very sensitive constituency when it comes to detecting subtle changes in taste. Clean, pure water makes the difference between a quality cup and a mediocre one. Crabs, mussels, vegetables, and hundreds of other steamed foods are also prime beneficiaries of this water as it concerns taste and quality. The comprehensive filtration system of Everpure when used for steaming greatly enhances the taste of any food item by removing heavy metals, fluoride, and other contaminants. This makes for a healthier and tastier meal. The EV9970-54 offers similar benefits for combi ovens, ice, espresso machines, and many more.


The sophisticated filtration techniques that the EV9970-54 reverse osmosis system employs offer an entire slew of benefits for owner and guests alike. Essentially, the EV9970-54 removes water-soluble contaminants that many people don’t register until it affects their health later on in life. It does so with the highest efficiency yet, recovering almost 80 percent of incoming water, ultimately saving money on the water bill. At half of the energy cost of traditional reverse osmosis systems, the MRS-600HE-II system saves on that bill as well, establishing itself as a powerhouse of savings, sure to pay for itself with interest. Moreover, the system appropriates its filtering process to the cleanliness level of the water at wherever it is located for maximum efficiency. The EV9970-54 also protects its own system as well as any surrounding areas from grime accumulation due to contaminants in water, ensuring a safe and sanitary environment with less cleanup and repair.

Installation & Operation Tips

When installing the EV9970-54, establishing a solid mounting position is the foremost concern to avoid damage to the wall or machine. A water line of at least 3/8 of an inch is required. Incoming water must provide at least 1.5 gallons per minute. Make sure to properly orient the device as it is installed, with cartridges facing down and a minimum 3-inch clearance all around. Once mounted, beginning the reverse osmosis is facilitated by the Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual. To operate optimally, changing the cartridges yearly or when they get to full capacity is recommended. Remember to thoroughly flush the filter cartridge when first installed and at every changing thereafter.

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  1. In case the TDS is low, you should use a UV based water purifying system. Excess TDS can be dangerous for health; so if the water you receive is high in TDS buy an RO system immediately.

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