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Dual Manifold EV927891 Features Two Systems in One

As seen at NAFEM 2015. Everpure announces the new Everpure EV927891 Dual Inlet/Dual Outlet Manifold at this year’s 2015 NAFEM Show in Anaheim California. This new manifold features a rear mounted triple parallel QC, (Quick Change) manifold and a forward mounted twin parallel QC, (Quick change) manifold. Two inlets allow for water boost to be placed only on applications that need it for example the water being filtered for fountain beverages on the triple manifold side. Two manifolds also allows for two different types of everpure quick change cartridges for example a system focused on fountain and ice could have fountain drinks on the triple side, MCs, XCs,  4FCs or 7FCs and ice on the dual side i2000s, i4000s, 4FCs, 7FCs, 4Sls or 7Sls. A specialty coffee application with a focus on Espresso and Ice can focus on Espresso using the Triple side featuring ESO7’s  and ice on the dual side using i2000s, i4000s, 4FCs, 7FCs, 4Sis or 7Sls. A focus on just brewed coffee and ice could have the BH2 on the triple side with any of the appropriately sized ice cartridges on the dual side, i2000s, i4000s, 4FCs, 7FCs, 4Sis or 7Sls.

DualManifold For more information on system sizing or the filtration in use at your facility give us a call 1-800-942-7873.

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