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16th Annual World Barista Championship to feature Everpure filtration

The World Barista Championship is the premier event for international competition in the coffee community.  This competition serves as the championship from both local and regional qualifying events from World Coffee Events. Contestants prepare samples of Espressos, Cappuccinos, and original drinks in a 15-minute period. Judges will evaluate participant creations on not just taste but creativity, presentation, and skill. Each contestant’s creation will be different in almost every single way, except one key factor. The key ingredient that is the foundation for every great cup of coffee is the water. This year the entire event features water filtered by Pentair/Everpure. WBC Using the Everpure MRS 600 HE-II Water Filtration System for the entire event, the water not only tastes great, but also allows the contestants to craft beverages that meet their exacting standards. The MRS 600 HE-II is a high efficiency Reverse Osmosis system that provides blended water to meet the criteria determined by World Coffee Events. With a recovery rate of 78%, this unit has a significantly reduced impact on water use compared to other Reverse Osmosis offerings from competitors. For every cup of water produced only ¼ of a cup of wastewater is generated versus as much as 4 cups of water for other brands. Everpure Representatives will provide onsite training of the impact of water quality on coffee brewing at the event. ClarisUltra Claris Ultra systems will be awarded to the finalist of the show to allow them to bring home the quality of Everpure water in a convenient sized package. The Claris unit is a five stage softening and filtration system that allows the user to dial in the amount of mineral in specialty coffee applications. The minerals found in water can be a friend or foe for the Barista. Everpure Claris systems feature Duoblend technology that allows the Barista to dial in the appropriate amount of minerals for their drinks. The introduction this year of the Claris Ultra has also increased the capacity of Claris cartridges. All Claris systems use the same head, which allows interchangeability with the Claris and Claris Ultra cartridges. Whether you are looking to utilize the MRS 600HE-II for Reverse Osmosis system for tailored water specifications or using the Claris to dial in the mineral for your Coffee or Espresso Filter Pure Systems, Inc. can find a solution to meet your specialty coffee needs.  We utilize our knowledge and experience of water filtration treatment and solutions to not only protect your expensive coffee/espresso equipment investment but make sure that you are providing the quality cup of coffee and/or espresso that you want to deliver to your customer every day. If you would like more information on Pentair and Everpure products please contact us at 1-800-942-7873 or

2 thoughts on “16th Annual World Barista Championship to feature Everpure filtration

  1. Interesting what all of the things you can use water filters for – including barista competitions! Glad to see they had a good quality filter for making their beverages.

    • How neat! I’ve never thought about the taste of water being an important component to the taste of coffee. The Everpure filtration system sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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