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When Crypto Attacks!!!

This past summer there was an outbreak of Cryptosporidium, otherwise known as Crypto. Many of you may not have heard of Crypto or what it is. No, it’s not an evil villain from galaxies far far away or a new type of kryptonite found on Superman’s home planet.

It is a very tiny organism/parasite called Cryptosporidiosis that causes severe intestinal issues. It usually causes cramps, fever, major intestinal problems and diarrhea. It is usually only short term but can last up to 2 weeks. Treatment is fluid rehydration, electrolyte correction and sometimes pain management. Crypto was not discovered until 1976, however it is one of the most common waterborne diseases and is found worldwide. It is transmitted through contaminated material such as the earth or water that has been in contact with the feces of an individual or animal. As unpleasant as it sounds contact is transferred to the mouth and swallowed. It is most common with people in regular contact with bodies of water like swimming pools. Crypto has a high resistance to disinfectants like chlorine bleach. This is because it is protected by an outer shell. So just like the pools, Crypto can get into your household drinking water. Such as private wells, sewage overflows, sewage systems that are not working properly, polluted storm water runoff, and agricultural runoff. Wells may be more vulnerable to such contamination after flooding, particularly if the wells are shallow or have been submerged by floodwater for long periods of time. Crypto gets into surface water sources as well, such as rivers and lakes. Municipal water from treatment plants that get their water from these surface water sources can contain Cryptosporidium as well. This is because of the stool (feces) of infected animals or people maybe in the runoff. How can Filter Pure help with the prevention of Crypto surfacing in your water supply? For your home we would recommend a Reverse Osmosis System. The system is placed under the counter. The unit is called RO-2550. To beat Crypto you need to filter down to 1 micron or smaller. The RO system does better than that. This system gets it to 1/1000 micron. This is a 4 stage filtering system. The water is pre-filtered to reduce the dirt and chlorine. Then the membrane separates the pre-filtered water into Product Water. There are many different filtering systems that you can use in your home. If you are concerned that you may have a Crypto problem or potential for it Reverse Osmosis will protect you against an outbreak. We want to make sure you and your family are drinking healthy. To learn more about Filter Pure or how we can help with your filtration needs please contact us at 800-942-7873. 
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