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The Greatest Water Filter Ever Made!

Could it be that Everpure has created the greatest commercial water filter ever made, the MC2 filter (EV9612-56)?  What makes a good water filter great? The same thing that makes any product great, LOVE! If you have ever eaten at a chain restaurant, then you have more than likely tasted the water generated from this filter, and according to domestic and global sales on this filter, we all loved it! So how did this filter become the greatest commercial food service filter of all time?!

It all started in 1933,  Mr. CB Oliver founded a water treatment company in Chicago, Illinois, called Tested Appliances. His own idea of a pre-coat multi-fold complex filter body was the basis for the Everpure filter of today. The multi-fold complex filter body gave the filter greater surface area, basically six times the area that you get with a standard carbon block filter.

In 1957, Tested Appliances Company changed its name to Everpure. Then in 1963, Everpure moved its headquarters to Oak Brook, Illinois to work directly with McDonald’s Corporation to perfect a water filter system for all of its stores. That collaboration led to the T-9 water purifier that was rolled out into all McDonald’s restaurants in 1966.  In 1967, Everpure developed a unique form of microscopy purification, the Micropure multi-fold multiplexing filter body, with pre-coat technology. This technology completely revolutionized the water treatment industry.

Ever wonder what “MC2” stands for? “McDonald’s Cold”, the 2 stands for an even newer Everpure innovation AgION silver, ion antimicrobial. AgION antimicrobial in the filter means that even if your employees forget to change the filter, the AgION will kill any bacteria accumulating within the filter. So now you know why a McDonald’s Coke tastes like a Coke right out of the can.

Water is 87% of McDonald’s soda and the MC2 filtered water is what makes it so delicious. At a ½ micron rating, both NSF 42 and 53 this filter even takes cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia out of the water. What it really means is that the restaurants that “LOVE” their customers, like McDonald’s, use the greatest filter ever made to insure that the consistent quality they want their guests to enjoy is delivered. For more info on the greatest water filter ever, the MC2, contact us at 800-942-7873 or click the link below to ask us a question!

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