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The Flint, Michigan Water Crisis! What water filters really take out lead!

If you had to take a guess of where the above water came from where would you choose?  A place far away from here?  Would you be surprised if I told you this water came from here in the USA?  The above water is from Flint, Michigan.  This is a story that has made headlines across the country and has even started trending in social media with #flintwatercrisis and #flintcontaminatedwater.  Celebrities and others have generously donated money and bottled water to help those in need.  This water crisis has officially been declared a state of emergency. We won’t get into the history of what happened in detail but to summarize here is what is going on in Flint, Michigan.

  • In 2014 the city switches its main water supply from Detroit’s system to the Flint River in order to save money.
  • People living in the area begin to complain about the taste, odor and color of the water.  Others begin to report rashes and show concerns about bacteria
  • In January 2015 Detroit offers to reconnect the water waiving the $4 million connection fee.
  • The city declines the offer
  • In February 2015 a water test is shown that water from one person’s home has 104 parts per billion of lead.
  • More tests are shown to have high levels of lead.
  • Doctors begin to report that children are being treated for lead poisoning.
  • Residents have been advised to NOT drink from the tap water.
  • Flint, Michigan officially declares a State of Emergency.

Dealing with contaminated water is something Filter Pure Systems and Pentair/Everpure have always been prepared for.  Our products are designed to make water drinkable and safe to use for your kitchen equipment.  On January 19th, 2016 the WQA , Water Quality Association Addressed the Drinking Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan offering facts and tips about treating for lead contamination and noted that ;

“Lead (Pb) has been identified as the waterborne contaminant of primary concern for Flint’s residents. To minimize the presence of contaminants such as lead, which may enter the water after it has left a municipal treatment facility, WQA recommends water treatment equipment that has been certified by an ANSI (American National Standards Institute)-accredited certification body. Such accredited entities include WQA’s Gold Seal Product Certification Program. Filter Pure Systems offers and recommends the following Everpure filters and systems that meet these criteria in the removal of lead and are perfect for your under the kitchen sink (POU) point of use application;

The original POU, (Point of Use) Everpure OW Family for lead reduction;