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A Word from Our Industrial Sector

My name is Vince Paglino and I am the Industrial Filtration  specialist at Filter Pure Systems.  We specialize in Chemical Feed Pumps, Chlorinators & Air Injection, Commercial Softening & ION Exchange, Commercial Reverse Osmosis, Industrial Water Remediation, UV Sterilization and Industrial filtration systems. I wanted to share with you a recent industrial experience. We were approached by a large ice manufacturer to help them find a resolution for their scale problem. The limescale accumulation  was so bad that it had clogged the compressors and starved the equipment of water that it needed to produce the 360,000 pounds of ice it manufactured daily. We visited the location and immediately took water samples and investigated the type of equipment they were using and noticed the large amount of limescale remnants and corrosion it was causing to their equipment. They were using 2 large cartridge housings to filter the water down to 5 microns. After a few weeks of limescale buildup all of the ice manufacturing equipment was shut down and at a standstill without any ice production. Once the water tests were completed, the results noted that the Ph level was very high at 9.3 & 9.4 (the range should be between 7.0 – 7.5) and both the bicarbonate and carbonate alkalinity levels were elevated as well. The results indicated that the solution required softening the water and reducing the Ph levels at the same time to eliminate the problems of limescale accumulation. We customized a solution to handle the 40,000+ gallons of water that they use daily. A large duplex softening unit that continuously treats the water even while servicing one tank at a time when it cycles to backwash. A chemical pulse feeder that will introduce Muriatic Acid after the softener to reduce the Ph levels in the water. The solution is also modular so equipment can be added at a later date to handle any ice production growth and added manufacturing equipment. The delivery of this equipment was not only timely but it was delivered several days early to the customers delight. The manufacturer’s representative scheduled a time for installation training for the company representatives to ensure normal and ongoing operational use and maintenance of the equipment. Our Industrial sector is dedicated to insure that our customers are able to achieve the most efficient and cost effective solution for their industrial water problems. Our client support, industrial technical expertise and follow up is unmatched in the industry.

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Industrial Water Filters from Filter Pure Systems

Industrial Water Filters

Industrial water filters clean out impurities present in local tap water for use in any field that requires clean water. These fields include food, hotel, research, hospital, and health services. It is important to install and maintain a proper filtration system to ensure the health and safety of those who use the water. In many industries where water might reach customers, regulations require the installation of a filtration system. Some industries can also benefit because hard minerals from unfiltered water damage equipment over time. As a result, spending time to research the most efficient and effective water filters is crucial. Filter Pure Systems offers industry standard water filters that have excellent filtration and extended lifetimes. Installing one of Filter Pure Systems’ water filters can save thousands for businesses and institutions. The initial investment for a filter system is much lower than the competitor average, and the maintenance costs will be minimal. One problem that other filter systems have is the high maintenance cost. By requiring lots of time and money to upkeep the system, some water filters cost way too much to get the same job done. Luckily, Filter Pure Systems products work to save money. When installing industrial water filters, it is important to turn off the water supply and drain the pipes before attempting to install the filter system. Additionally, remember to check and solve any leaks as early as possible to avoid any hidden problems. During a water filter’s operation, it is important to routinely check up on the filter cartridge to make sure it is filtering as efficiently as possible. Some filter systems are self-cleaning, which removes much of the work required in the maintenance of the water filter system. If your filter system does not have this feature, make a note to check up on it regularly. Industrial water filters save money by providing clean water, protecting equipment from harmful hard minerals, and replacing the need for water bottles. Filter Pure Systems water filters, specifically, save even more money by requiring less upfront payment. All types of organizations can benefit by installing a water filter system from Filter Pure Systems. Filter Pure will not only provide you with the highest quality products on the market, but excellent customer service by knowledgeable staff that stands behind their product. Contact us today for more information or to place your order. Call us at 1-800-942-7873.