Everpure Claris EV4339-14 XXL Cartridge

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The Claris EV4339-14 XXL Cartridge by Everpure is now offered by FilterPure for filtration that has be tailored for hot beverages. 


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Features of the Everpure Claris EV4339-14 XXL Cartridge:

  • 2910 gallons (11000 L) for espresso* 
  • 3490 gallons (13200 L) for OCS/Coffee* 
  • 1740 gallons (6600 L) for Steam* (direct injection) 
  • 2180 gallons (8250 L) for Steam* (boiler based) 

* This capacity is based on influent water hardness of 180 ppm with standard bypasssettings. For steam applications and other hardness levels consult installation andoperations guide capacity and bypass settings charts.

  • Specially designed for hot drink machines and small steamers 
  • Reduces lime scale and taste & odor 
  • Tailor the hardness to match equipment specs

The Claris water filter cartridge has new technology that Everpure developed to tailor hot beverages and steamers. The Claris allows you to have all the filtration and softening needs in one filter. You can set the hardness to the manufactures specs or to your specific desire.

Download the Everpure Claris EV4339-14 XXL Filter Cartridge Specification Sheet

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 20.25 × 7.25 × 7.25 in


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