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Filter Pure's First Bowling Team!!

The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association throws a bowling tournament every year where companies around the area can compete against and learn more about each other. But something was different this year. There was a NEW team on the list. A team that would prove very hard to defeat! TEAM FILTER PURE!!!!!! Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the fellows on the team, here’s a little about each of them: Craig Mastny, aka the Filter Genius, has worked with Everpure products for almost 40 YEARS!!!!  This guy knows his stuff and Filter Pure is proud to have him as part of their technical support program and Marine department. Desmond Hall has been over-seeing all our shipments for over a year now. It seemed like just yesterday he came to our company, barely able to drive a fork lift. Now he’s the king of the warehouse! He’s also known for his cheerful singing…which can be heard around the entire building. Vince Paglino works with our dealers, providing them with on and off site product training. If you’re interested in being apart of these training’s, just call and ask for Vince. He’s one of the friendly people you’ll meet and has a great sense of humor! Kevin O’Neil is the newest addition to our family! He is our new Outside Sales Representative. Kevin is a go-getter with a great positive attitude that just makes your day! We’re so glad to have him as a part of our family! Heads turned as this handsome group of men walked in! Filter Pure couldn’t be more proud of these guys! They did great too! Desmond killed it with a score of 153! Craig and Vince were on fire with a score of 141 and Kevin wasn’t too far behind from that! Team Filter Pure didn’t win, but they had a great time and met alot of other companies! Next bowling tournament…it’s the girl’s turn to form a team!! They’ll win it for sure!!! 

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