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Wrapping Pallets with Style!

For Desmond, who handles our shipping and receiving, preparing pallets to be shipped was a huge pain! He would have to individually weigh every box of product, then stack them on a pallet, and with a hand-held pallet wrapper, he would have to manually wrap the pallet himself. Have you ever put plastic wrap over a casserole dish? Even that can be annoying, especially if the plastic wrap gets all tangled and stuck together. What a headache! Desmond has to wrap multiple pallets a day. And some of these pallet measure 48″ x 40″ x 60″ in size!! Well things just got a whole lot easier for Desmond! We got a brand new automatic pallet wrapper!! Check out the pictures below!  Everyone gathers around to see what this new contraption is!   Everyone is shown how easy this new pallet wrapper is to use! IMG_63672 IMG_63692   Craig and Desmond are mesmerized by the new contraption! IMG_63712 IMG_63702 IMG_63622 IMG_63642 IMG_63651 IMG_63661 IMG_63762 Instead of taking up almost half an hour, Desmond can stack and wrap pallets under ten minutes, now with the new pallet wrapper! That makes Desmond one happy worker!! IMG_64292

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