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Which Water Filter is Right for You?

Deciding on a water filtration system for your home or business can be daunting. There are numerous types of filters, each of which is manufactured by each different brand, totaling thousands of options for anyone looking to choose between them. We at Filter Pure Systems, Inc. have recognized this, and prepared a short preparatory question and answer guide to help you make your decision. The first and most important question to ask yourself when determining which filter to purchase is: “What do I need my water filter to do?” While the answer to this question may seem obvious enough, it’s likely not. Granted yes, at the end of the day, you want your filter to “filter” your water, but there’s much more to consider. Am I purchasing a water filtration system for my home or business? Water purifiers “run the gamut” of design. Generally speaking, units designed for commercial applications are larger than residential designs and are more expensive to maintain. In addition, they generally have specific applications not required in a residential setting. As a result, they are capable of handling more frequent use, satisfying the highest level of commercial demands. It’s advisable for these, among other, reasons to consider going commercial when purchasing a water filtration system. Such systems include the drinking water QL2-OW200L system, ice machine Insurice Single-i2000(2) system or fountain QC7I Single- MC2 system. Do I have a specific application for my water filtration system in mind?   It is important to determine exactly what your water filter it will be responsible for doing, before buying it, for two main reasons. First, if you have a specific application in mind, it may be necessary to purchase a unit designed to address this concern. Some water filtration units have built-in water softeners or de-mineralizers designed to yield a specific quality of water. This is desirable for many commercial settings, especially where the water is being used to make beverages such as coffee and soda espresso. Second, it may be that narrowing down the use of your unit will greatly reduce both upfront and ongoing costs. Generally speaking, the smaller demand put on your filtration system, the lower the cost of maintenance. If you decide that your system need only be used for part of your water supply, you are very likely to save money. How much water do I need, and how fast?   While this is typically only a concern in commercial applications, it may also be a useful question in residential applications where the filter is responsible for purifying the entire home’s water supply. Filters have their limits. Only a predetermined amount of water can successfully be processed by a unit in a given amount of time. This measurement is called “flow” or “flux.” While units with lower flow may be less expensive, they may require a little patience on the part of their user. Units with greater capacity for flow can provide more water in a shorter period of time, but are generally more expensive. There are many questions to ask yourself when considering a water filtration unit. If you would like help making your decision, or have already decided, give Filter Pure Systems, Inc. a call at 1-800-942-7873.

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