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Water Boost Systems

One complaint that we hear our beverage customers is that there is a lack of water pressure and pulsation at the dispenser valves. What is that? When you go get a soda and the drink spits out, that is the pulsation. The cause can be the brix and syrup ratio. Are you having problems likes this? Is the flow low, fluctuating or no water pressure to your valves or faucets? Filter Pure can help with the Shurflo Water Boost Systems. The systems are offered in different sizes based on your needs. The systems are rated at 60 PSI, 115 VAC to 90 PSI, 230 VAC. The max working pressure is 117 PSI. How does the Water Boost System work? The system has a small pressurized reservoir tank that helps to regulate a steady stream of water to eliminate fluctuating water pressure to the carbonated and non-carbonated soda valves. You install the boost system before the filtration system. As the water is pulled into the tank and begins to fill. The tank then begins to increase its pressure to push the water to your filtration system. It is very important to maintain consistent water pressure and flow through your filtering process. It maximizes the filter life on the filtration system. The tank is a 2 gallon, stainless steel tank with a butyl rubber bladder. The system is small (13″ x 13″ x 10″) and light weight (13 lbs) for under the counter placement or it can even be mounted on the wall. Click on system setup diagram for more examples of systems and its functions or call us for more information at 800-942-7873.

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