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The New OAC-Plus

 Filter Pure Systems is Proud to announce the new Pentair Industrial Oil Absorbtion Cartridge!

The new OAC-Plus

This revolutionary cartridge removes dissolved and dispersed oils through instantaneous adsorption. Up to 95% of total hydrocarbons are removed in a single pass. Up to 8 times of the removal efficiency of granular activated carbon filter cartridges. It is a perfect solution for oil and gas facilities, car and truck wash stations, ballast water, surface water runoff (truck stops, airports, parking lots). This product comes in multiple sizes for custom applications and fast distribution and shipping to your location. The versatility of this filter is unsurpassed because it can be used in so many different applications from desalination water plants, bilge water to fuel. It is a perfect fit to most industrial cleaning and oil-fuel situations. For further information please contact Filter Pure Systems Industrial Account Manager Vince Paglino at 800-942-7873

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