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The New 2021 Pentair Everpure, Shurflo Foodservice Catalog and Price List !

What’s New for 2021?  A number of features have been added or updated to showcase the Pentair foodservice product portfolio!  Some of the key changes and updates include: 

Enhanced overall look and feel
Redesigned, solutions-oriented Everpure-Shurflo Grill with modern imagery (pages 2 – 3)
Rebranded Everpure product labels reflected on all products
Total Water Management program feature (pages 4 – 5) 
Relocated product dimensions, weights and pack sizes to the back index for easier reference
Expanded index including SKU’s offered but not pictured
Highlighted new products with NEW!> callouts
Addition of over 270 product SKU’s and 100 new systems to the Pentair Everpure foodservice product portfolio including:
Over 30 new reverse osmosis systems (pages 57 – 60)
New value FX drop-in filtration systems (pages 75 – 77)
New line of Reverse Osmosis Systems (pages 57 – 60) for espresso/coffee and combi oven/steam applications
New ozone disinfection products (pages 8 – 9)

The Everpure RO product line has been enhanced with over 30 new systems to provide a comprehensive offering that meet the requirements of most foodservice equipment applications. They are complete configurations that include the RO processor, application-based TDS management, storage tank, and repressurization capabilities.
Everpure BWS systems are designed for espresso/coffee, ice, and other applications.  They utilize mineral-addition with a precision blend valve, enabling the end-user to adjust TDS to a desired level. These systems range from 100 to 1500 gallons per day of blended water and offer various sizes of storage tanks from 2 to 300 gallons to meet the needs from point of use to whole store applications.  

Everpure OPS reverse osmosis systems are designed for combi oven/steam applications. They utilize mineral-addition to ensure a specific balance of minerals to help protect customer equipment. These systems range in productions from 70 to 350 gallons per day. These systems also offer various sizes of storage tanks from 2 to 50 gallons to meet the needs from single appliances to large kitchens. Chloramine versions are also available.   
The storage tanks for these new RO systems are either hydropneumatic ranging from 2 to 16-gallon capacities or atmospheric with repressurization pumps for high-capacity, high-flow applications.

 Everpure FX Filtration Systems (pages 75 – 77)
  The Everpure FX product line complements the current Everpure drop-in line with new NSF certified systems and cartridges for one of the most comprehensive offering in this space. This line provides additional value-priced solutions across various food and beverage applications.

Ozone Disinfection Systems (pages 8 – 9)   The Pentair Everpure Ozone Disinfection line includes new products for ice machines, food preparation rinse and an indoor air solution.  Ozone products have been used in the food industry for decades and can play a critical role in combating food pathogens in water and air. Approved by the FDA as an antimicrobial agent, ozone can support efforts to improve the safety, quality, and longevity of foodservice products. 

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