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The Everpure Coldrink1-MC2 System, EV9328-01 is the best Water Filter System for your Lancer IBD 4500 60” 16 Valve Ice Beverage Dispenser!

IBD 4500 60

The IBD is Lancer’s #1 selling self-serve dispenser. Hard plumbed syrup and water lines deliver excellent icy cold drinks. Versatile valve configurations and a portion control option allow for easy beverage cost monitoring. Topped with a compelling wraparound display, the IBD is a proven favorite among Lancer customers and Lancer knows that a water filtration system plays a huge part in the final delivery of their dispensers beverages. How can water affect fountain drinks, beverage systems and ice machines? A fountain drink is typically five parts water to one part syrup (frozen carbonated beverage ratios vary), so about 85 percent of your soft drink is water. Since ice is 100 percent water, as that melts the ratio increases. Therefore, poor quality water can have a significant effect on the taste and smell of a fountain beverage. What you may not know is that water also affects the performance of the beverage system, the balance of water to syrup and the quality of the carbonation. According to the IBD 4500-44 installation manual; ” Use a filter in the water line to avoid equipment damage and beverage off-taste. Check the water filter periodically, as required by local conditions.” The practice of adding a lemon slice to table water was usually to mask a poor taste or smell in the water. With fountain beverage drinks, one method of masking an off taste is to increase the syrup to water ratio. By moving from 5:1 water to syrup to 4:1 water to syrup, for example, the intensity of the syrup can overcome some of the flaws in the water. However, the problem with this is now the syrup costs go up. Also, the flavor profile has changed, which for some consumers may be a problem. The Everpure Coldrink1-MC2 System, EV9328-01 is Everpure’s answer working directly with Mcdonald’s Corporation in order to make a coke from the dispenser taste like a coke directly from the can. “MC” means “McDonald’s Cold” and was designed to take water quality to a level that would insure a high quality dispenser beverage every time one is poured.  The system is ideal for fountain drinks. Not only does it reduce chlorine and other offensive contaminants, but it also helps retain the drink’s carbonation and meets not only the NSF standard 42, which just about every water filter on the market meets but also meets NSF standard 53 for health effects. At a ½ micron rating this filter even takes cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia out of the water. For more info on this Coldrink 1-MC2 system, contact us at 800-942-7873 or email us at

Everpure Coldrink1 MC2 EV9328-01 Filtration System features:

  • Part Number: EV9328-01
  • Chlorine, Taste & Odor, Sediment, and Cyst Reduction
  • 1/2 micron precoat filtration with Micropure II media AgION antimicrobial protection
  • 20″ Integrated Sediment Prefilter System
  • NSF Certification Standards 42 & 53
  • Inlet water shut-off valve, flushing valve and water pressure gauge
  • 1.67 gpm flow rate / 9,000 gallon rated capacity
  • Sized for single carbonators, less than 25 Bag in Box per month, low volume outlet
  • Cartridges should be changed every 6 months

The Everpure EV9328-01 is the Coldrink 1 MC2 system which is ideal for fountain drinks. Not only does it reduce chlorine and other offensive contaminants, but it also helps retain the drink’s carbonation.

Contact FilterPure at 1-800-942-7873 for any additional information.

Download the Everpure Coldrink1 MC2 EV9328-01 Filtration System Specification Sheet

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