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Pentair® Everpure® Water Treatment System Guidance and Start-Up Tool Kit !

Filtration systems are designed to be operated on a continuous basis with only relatively short periods of down time like overnight or holidays. Current events have created unique circumstances where water-using equipment may have been idle for an extended period of time. As foodservice businesses begin the journey to return to a new normal, customer trust will be of foremost concern and food safety will be key. In addition, customers will look to you for answers on how to prolong the life of their foodservice equipment.

You may be receiving questions regarding how to properly start-up water treatment systems. Pentair is here to provide answers and assistance in getting your customer’s water treatment systems up and running.

It is important to note that if water treatment systems have been sitting unused for seven days or more: ♦ There’s potential for microbiological growth from stagnant water supplies. ♦ Cleaning and sanitizing water treatment system equipment will be an essential step for equipment to function correctly. ♦ Cleaning water treatment systems ensures ice and beverage quality and consistency.  Start-Up Requirements ♦ Disinfect food service equipment per manufacturer’s instructions. ♦ Replace all filtration components in filtration systems. ♦ Replace filters after the disinfection of food service equipment A great place to begin is by using Pentair Everpure 2JT (EV9608-10) or 4JT ( EV9608-00) Flushing/Sanitizing Cartridges – the ultimate flushing tools for Everpure water treatment systems. 
Benefits of these cartridges include: ♦ Fit into existing Everpure filter system heads. ♦ Eliminate the need for difficult component disassembly. ♦ Helps you easily and conveniently clean and maintain your water-using equipment. 
Pentair has created a System Start-Up Tool Kit to provide access to information about the importance of cartridge replacement, how to re-start systems, and recommendations of additional Everpure disinfection products.
  ♦ The tool kit may be found at and features these resources: ·        •   Pentair Everpure Sanitizing Cartridge Bulletin ·        •  How to Replace Your Pentair Everpure Cartridge Video ·        •  Links to industry pages such as Water Quality Association (WQA), National Restaurant Association (NRA) and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) ·        Pentair Everpure CWT Ozone Products Sell Sheet   ♦ Personalized technical assistance ·        • Via phone at 800.942.1153 (Press 1 for filter sanitization and store opening cartridge change out procedures.) ·        • By email at
For additional information and to purchase JT Sanitizing Cartridges, please contact us at or call us at 800-942-7873.
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