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Pentair Everpure investing in new cartridge improvements.

In an effort to proactively plan for future global compliance requirements for Pentair Everpure products, Pentair has made a major investment in manufacturing improvements to their plants. Significant updates to the manufacturing, design and testing of Pentair Everpure system filter cartridges have now been completed. 

What changes can be expected? ​​​​​​
  ◆ Tooling and design enhancements have been made, which will improve overall product quality.

◆ Upgrades include new cartridge cap tooling, which can be identified by a slightly different color and finish.

◆ Cartridges will have a new Pentair Everpure brand standard label. The main change to the label is the removal of Proposition 65 (Exhibit A). The enhancements make this label no longer needed. 

◆ Cartridge conversions will be occuring over the next nine (9) + months. Cartridges featuring the new cap and the new label will be identified by a yellow shipping label (Exhibit B), which will help with finished good inventory management.  
Exhibit A

Current brand standard label with Prop 65 warning: 
New brand standard label without Prop 65 warning:
Note: the gray color below represents the silver label stock; the current cartridge color-coding system is being maintained in the new design.
Exhibit B

Current white shipping label:
New yellow shipping label:
This change applies to all commercial and residential Pentair Everpure cartridges. There’s no change to product part numbers.

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