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Optipure QT Coffee Systems to Everpure Coffee Systems Cross Reference!

Optipure System Cross to Everpure System          
QT Coffee  Rated Capacity  Flow Rates    Rated Capacity  Flow Rates  
Optipure System Part Number Gallons Liters GPM LPMEverpure System Part Number/s Gallons Liters GPM LPM
QT5I-1 160-520766,00022,7120.752.85QL3B Head & 2FC-s Cartridge Head: EV9259-24 Cartridge EV9691-766,00022,7121.55.68
QTI10-1 160-5201115,00056,7751.55.7QC7I Single-MH2Head: EV9272-41 Cartridge EV9613-219,00034,0651.676.32
QTI10-2 170-5202130,000113,550311.3QC7I Twin- MH2Head: EV9272-22 Cartridge EV9613-2118,00068,1003.3412.64
QTI-1160-5201225,00085,1622.258.5QC7I 7FC-SHead: EV9272-41  Cartridge:  EV9692-7125,00094,6352.59.46
QTI-2170-5202250,000189,271519Insurice Twin-7FC-SHead: EV9272-22 Cartrdige: EV9692-7150,000189,270518.92

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