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Nylon Filter Housings Offer Economical Alternative

Traditionally, water filter housings to be used in high-temperature applications needed to be constructed of stainless or carbon steel. They were difficult and costly to produce, they were subject to oxidization (the result of years of exposure to chemicals and reaction-catalyzing temperatures), and they would retain heat even hours after the water supply had been shut off, making maintenance time consuming. In recent years however, an alternative to these costly housings has arrived: the nylon filter. Actually composed of a glass-reinforced nylon, these filter housings are more than capable of performing the same tasks of their now-outdated steel counterparts, housing standard high-temperature sediment and carbon filter cartridges with ease. Not only are nylon filter housings cheaper to purchase and maintain, but many models can withstand the same high temperatures as traditional steel housings – in most cases, Nylon filters are also ideally suited to industrial applications. Though they should not be used with ketones, an excellent chemical compatibility allows glass-reinforced nylon filter housings to handle organic solvents, sea water, alcohol, petroleum, and vegetable oils. New developments continue to be made in filtration systems each year, making purchase, maintenance, and repair easier and more cost effective than ever.

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