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John Guest Fittings from Filter Pure Systems

Clean, pure drinking water is an essential part of life. It is especially important to businesses that provide customers with drinking water or with products that contain water. Water with an unpleasant or inconsistent taste can cause product quality to also be poor or vary. Filter Pure Systems, Inc. is a leading US provider of water purification systems. The company has been in business for more than 30 years and serves large users like Coca-Cola, the US military, cruise lines, Walt Disney, and several major restaurant chains in addition to residential customers. Filter pure offers a variety of quality water purification systems for general and specialized applications, and knowledgeable customer service personnel provide the expertise to select the best system for any given application. Filter Pure carries Everpure water filters for industrial and residential systems, Everpure Marine bromination systems for ships and marine platforms, Pentair Industrial filters for industrial applications, Pentek filtration systems for both residential and commercial applications, PURA bottle-less water coolers, Hydrotech reverse osmosis filtration systems and Hydrotech ultraviolet sterilizers, and SHURflo water filtration systems for RV, marine, industrial and commercial users. Installation of these systems is greatly simplified with John Guest fittings. There are no required chemical sealants or pipe dope, no Teflon tape to keep track of, and no worries about leaking connections with high quality push-in fittings, piping and plastic plumbing systems from John Guest. The John Guest Speedfit system works with both plastic and copper lines and makes the addition of almost any water purification system quick and easy. Simply push the male fitting into the female fitting for an instant, water-tight seal. Filter Pure will not only provide you with the highest quality products on the market, but excellent customer service by knowledgeable staff that stands behind their product. Contact us today for more information or to place your order. Call us at 1-800-942-7873.

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