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Introducing the New Pentair EZ-RO Solution!

Pentair is excited to announce the launch of the NEW Pentair Everpure EZ-RO Reverse Osmosis Systems. Everpure EZ-RO systems have been engineered with the customer in mind, providing a simple all-in-one solution that reduces contaminants while protecting valuable foodservice equipment. Customers will appreciate the overall simplicity and space-saving design of the Everpure EZ-RO as it highlights a hassle-free set-up, easy-to-access ports, colored tubing, and the flexibility to expand as your business grows. Everpure EZ-RO systems that incorporate blending in the processor add back calcium and magnesium to ensure desired specifications are met for enhanced coffee extraction and a consistent taste.  The Everpure EZ-RO systems will be available with multiple tank size options per system to accommodate business volume:

One easy to use system that actually lives up to it’s name! Expandable from 200 GPD, (Gallons Per Day) to as much as 650 GPD, (Gallons Per Day) the new EZ-RO provides a simple “Turn Key” RO solution for your equipment.

Applications  EZ-RO SystemBenefits

With Hydropneumatic  Tank (Coffee)

With Atmospheric Tank (Coffee) 
Blending for taste consistency. Enhanced coffee extraction. Equipment protection
SteamWith Hydropneumatic  Tank (Steam)

With Atmospheric Tank (Steam) 
Optimized mineral content for proper function of conductivity sensors. Reduces chlorine, sediment and total dissolved solids, and buffers PH for equipment protection

Key Features:

  • Expands as your business grows
  • Modular design for small and flexible footprint
  • All-in-one system includes full installation kit
  • Up to 50% water recovery rate
  • User-friendly adjustments for TDS (blending valve)
  • Built in TDS Meter
  • Built in Bypass
  • Clearly labeled ports

For more information on ant of the new EZ-RO Systems please call us at 800-942-7873 or contact us at