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Everpure Claris Ultra 1500 XL Cartridge EV4339-83, the best water filter for your Profitec Pro 700 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine!

Espresso is 85-96% water and that water is extremely important to delivering not only a great shot of espresso but not damaging a very expensive group two espresso machine. Chlorine can alter the aroma and increases acidity. It also bonds with organics creating an earthy or moldy overtone to the flavor. TDS, (total dissolved solids), can cause poor extraction of the grounds, under extraction leads to weak and sour drinks and over extraction leads to bitterness so taking care to treat coffee and espresso beverage water is extremely important.  The Claris system provides 5-stage filtration and tailored hardness control for perfect coffee & espresso beverages, and outstanding scale protection to protect your machine! By using new patent pending water conditioning technology; in effect a highly engineered water conditioning system that uses the synergetic effect of mineral adaptation and mineral stabilization, all within one compact filter package. The result is optimum water mineral extraction, ie retaining the necessary minerals for a pleasant flavor and proper extraction of the coffee bean and grind, while minimizing the minerals that lead to limescale. Everpure’s Claris Ultra filter range has successfully addressed the challenge of finding the right balance between protecting your Super Automatic investment and capturing the desired quality of the espresso shot it creates.  The Claris Ultra filters use the same head as the existing Claris cartridge range.

Everpure EV4339-83 Claris Ultra XL Cartridge features:

  • Cartridge Only
  • 5-Stage Filtration Process for fine filtration
  • 3,196 gallon capacity (without steam operation)
  • 12,100 lpm
  • Carbonate hardness adjustment so that you can blend the hardness of the water.
  • Highly efficient carbon Block removes harmful contaminants and unpleasant odors and tastes.
  • Solid membrane filter removes particles down to 5 micron for highest equipment protection.
  • Cartridge can operate in vertical or horizontal position generating up to 1.0 gpm/3.79 lpm.

Download Everpure EV4339-83 Claris Ultra XL Cartridge Specification Sheet.

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