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Deliming Instructions for Kleensteam SRX Scale Inhibitor Feeder.

     In addition to reducing harmful chlorine and controlling limescale build-up, the KleenSteam system may be used to conveniently introduce deliming material into the steamer without disturbing existing piping. Use only Everpure ScaleKleen deliming material. ScaleKleen is a highly effective, safe and environmentally friendly de-scaling product. Its routine maintenance usage removes built-up scale in steam equipment easily and quickly. This enhances steamer performance, reduces operating costs and helps prevent costly repairs and unexpected downtime. Other deliming products may contain harsh acids that can damage the housing materials or clog orifices. Generally, use one 2.2 lb (1 kg) package to delime most countertop units and two 2.2 lb packages to delime most boiler-based units. Deliming Instructions: 1)      Turn off the power switch on the steamer. 2)      Blow down steamer. Blow down is done automatically on some steamers when power is turned off. Manually blow down the steamer if it is not automatic. 3)      Turn off inlet water to Kleensteam system. 4)      Depress the red relief button located on top of the SR-X head to relieve system pressure. 5)      Unscrew the clear bowl and remove the cartridge. Dispose of the exhausted cartridge in normal trash and empty bowl of any remaining water. 6)      Remove the dip tube from its holding clip, located on the back plate. Insert the tube. O-ring first, into the center port of the SR-X head until the dip tube bottoms out. 7)      Open one kilogram (2.2 lb) package of ScaleKleen™ and empty it into the clear bowl. Wipe off any excess ScaleKleen™ material which may be on the bowl threads or O-ring. 8)      Thread the bowl back into the head- hand tight only. NOTE: The dip tube may become packed with ScaleKleen- This is normal and will not affect the deliming procedure. 9)      Turn on the inlet water to the KleenSteam unit by rotating the inlet valve handle. 10)  Turn on the power to the steamer. NOTE: This action will quickly introduce the ScaleKleen™ material directly into the boiler chamber. If you are deliming a countertop steamer, proceed to step 11. If you are deliming a boiler-base unit, monitor ScaleKleen™ level in bowl. When it drops to 1″, quickly turn off inlet water at valve handle. Now relieve pressure and unscrew bowl from head. Add another kilogram of ScaleKleen™ to the bowl and reintroduce the material into the boiler. Repeat this procedure until two (2) 2.2 lb packages of ScaleKleen™ have been introduced into the boiler chamber. 11)  With ScaleKleen™ material introduced into the boiler chamber and the inlet water turned on, make sure the boiler sump is flooded. Allow the steamer (countertop or boiler-based) to come up to operating temperature and pressure, and hold for one hour. 12)  Thirty minutes into the deliming procedure, turn on steam to cooking chamber(s) for one minute. This will delime the distribution lines, small orifices, and steam solenoid valves. 13)  After one hour of deliming the steamer at operating temperature and pressure, turn the steamer power switch to the off position. 14)  Manually blow down the steamer if it is not done automatically when the power is turned off. NOTE: Check the pH of the blow down water. If the pH is acidic (below 7.0), then the boiler has been completely descaled. If the pH is alkaline (above 7.0), then there is still scale remaining in the boiler. Repeat steps 7 through 14 until the pH from the boiler blow down water is below 7.0. 15)  Fill the boiler with fresh, clean water and repeat blow down until the water in the boiler is equal to the raw (incoming) water pH. This will remove any unused ScaleKleen and undissolved loose scale remaining in the boiler. NOTE: Depending on the steam generator fill probe configuration on your steamer, de-scaling compounds may leave residual foam bridging probe electrodes. This can cause a false water level indication leading to “dry firing” of the boiler that can burn out heating elements. To help ensure against incorrect probe operation, follow all of the instructions provided for de-scaling. This includes adding an additional 1 to 1 and 1⁄2 gallons of water to the de-scaling port(s) once automatic filling has stopped after the de-scaler drain cycle. This raises the water level above the fill probes, permitting them to be flushed clean and drained with the following drain cycle. 16)  After the second blow down, turn the steamer power switch to the off position, and turn off the inlet water at the valve handle on the KleenSteam unit. 17)  Relieve system pressure by depressing the red relief button on the head until all air is expelled and water begins to escape. 18)  Unscrew the clear bowl and remove the dip tube from the head. BE SURE TO REPLACE THE DIP TUBE IN IT’S HOLDER ON THE BACKPLATE!. 19)  Install a new SS-10 cartridge into the head, and screw the bowl back into the head. Hand tighten only! 20)  Turn on the inlet water. Relieve trapped air in the clear bowl by depressing the red relief button on the SR-X head until all air is expelled and water starts to escape. 21)  Turn the steamer power switch to the on position. Steamer is now ready to be placed back into service. Replacement Parts

Description Part Number
Dip tube assembly EV3080-40
4CB5 filter cartridge (6-pack) EV9617-16
7CB5 filter cartridge (6-pack) EV9618-16
ScaleStick SS-10 EV9799-02
ScaleKleen scale remover 2.2 lb. pkg. (4-pack) EV9798-01

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