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Announcing the Pentair Everpure, (EV9980-65) 9100TS E-30C Twin Tank, Twin Sensor Water Softener!

The Smart, Proactive Choice to Protect Foodservice Equipment.

This system provides a continuous flow of conditioned water by utilizing dual sensor technology, even with variations in hardness in the water
supply. Plus, twin tanks ensure the operation has soft water, protecting
water-using equipment 24/7.
Remote monitoring technology makes the Everpure CES-9100TS E-30C
even more powerful when paired with the new Conserv HE-3 Reverse Osmosis system. Two great systems that are truly better together!

The Pentair Everpure CES-9100TS E-30C increases operational efficiency with: 
Proactive protection for valuable equipment investments, reducing downtime.
Continuous supply of soft water, 24/7Ease of programming – just set the
hardness level and the valve does the rest.
Twin sensors that help save water and energy, making adjustments for incoming water conditions, and allowing full utilization of resin bed before regeneration.
Alerts indicating system is unplugged or salt is low when paired with the Pentair Everpure Conserv HE-3 Reverse Osmosis System.

EV9980-65 CES-9100TS E-30C Specification Sheet

For more information on the 9100TS or the new Conserv HE-3 System
email us at or call us directly at 800-942-7873!

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